Cudillero, Asturias

The perfect Spain for you if you're a sailor

Is the sea your reason for being and can’t be away from it?  Is your whole life wrapped in a maritime atmosphere and believe in mermaids singing as angels? Do you dream with giant whales and sail the seas? Do you watch movies of ships that furrow the seas and your favorite book is Moby Dick? Of course you are totally a seafarer, arrr!

Take the map of Spain and randomly choose a point of its almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline. Whatever the place is, it corresponds to a seaside town with attractive enough to live a unique experience next to the sea. Corners of marine atmosphere, mediterranean vegetation, mixture of beach and mountain … You can enjoy the gastronomy of Cantábrico in the Asturians towns of Cudillero and Lastres, or if you are in Cantabria, you can’t miss Castro Urdiales or San Vicente de la Barquera. The arrantzales or fisherman of Getaria and Bermeo of the Basque Country will show you how to live in a village of the Basque coast. In Galicia, you can discover the maritime life as visiting Galician lighthouses, enjoying the atmosphere in the fish markets or the art of shellfishing. If you are a sailor of calm waters, the Mediterranean is waiting for you in the Callella de Palafrugell in Girona. There you can know another life style, the one of a fishing village where Joan Manuel Serrat composed Mediterraneo song. Spain offers you many destinations to have a great time on the coast, to enjoy landscapes and unforgettable cultural visits and a tasty gastronomy. Share it with your friends and family on social networks with the hashtag #Spainforyou. Let’s travel!  


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