Country manors in Galicia: culture and nature



These unique places to stay are a great option if you want to do rural tourism and discover Galicia.

Legends, fairytales and poems talk about these country manors as part of Galician culture. These buildings are based on medieval castles and fortresses. They have very typical architecture, with large doors, a courtyard, "hórreos" (raised granaries), dovecots, gardens and walls. These houses can be found all over Galicia, although the most important ones are those situated in four large valleys: the historic Mariñas de A Coruña y Betanzos; the fertile valley of Salnés; Valle del Ulla, close to the city of Santiago de Compostela; and Valle del Fragoso, in the south of Galicia. Some can also be found in the small valleys in the region of Ourense. These country manors are usually situated in beautiful natural surroundings, and the gardens boast ponds and fountains amongst ancient trees and bushes that are carefully looked after. If you are going on the Way of Saint James, if you love nature or if you want alternative tourism while enjoying all the comforts and a reasonable quality/price ratio, these 17th and 18th century buildings are the perfect place for you to stay. Country manors in Galicia come in all shapes and sizes, like the Monastery-House of San Lorenzo de Trasouto or the curious Pazo de Oca, which has been built on a medieval tower. You can find more information at:      


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