Original ideas for beauty treatments

The antioxidising power of wine

Feel the irresistible sensation of firming up your skin with a smooth covering of chocolate, or let your body relax, submerged in a bath with Merlot wine. There are many alluring, innovative natural therapies on offer in Spain, based around food products, to bring your health, beauty and well-being into harmony.

It is a well-known fact that, drunk in moderation, wine helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. What is more, however, a bath in this precious liquid has purifying and antioxidising effects on the skin. This new treatment, known as "wine therapy", is now being used in Spain. It includes suggestive options like grape seed body masks to stimulate weight loss, and grape oil massages to relax and calm the body. Another good alternative to relieve fatigue is to sink into a relaxing bath with Merlot or Muscat wine.

Smooth skin thanks to chocolate

If you prefer something sweeter, in Spain you can also try something called "chocolate therapy" - beauty treatments where cacao is the main protagonist. Cacao encourages the production of endorphins, substances that can stimulate the senses and activate fat elimination processes in the body. It is also a natural way to help the body act against cellulitis and to eliminate stress. Sweet-toothed people can firm up their skin while balancing their bodily fluids with a silky-smooth layer of chocolate covering their bodies. Massages with cacao oil are another therapeutic method that helps to relax and revitalize the epidermis.

Milk and milk products for well-being

Just as Cleopatra once bathed in milk to highlight her natural beauty, this age-old tradition is coming back into fashion once more in the 21st century. You can now hydrate and regenerate the epidermis with a nutritive scented milk bath. Another way to make the most of this liquid's properties is Lulur Milk, a traditional technique that covers the body in a mixture of yoghurt and blueberries with aromatic essences that nourish the skin and make it shine.

The most innovative treatments are now available in Spain. They arise from current ecological trends that make use of the properties of some food products to improve health and beauty. These are some of the centres where said treatments are available: the Wine Spa at Hotel Golf Peralada, Alhama de Granada Spa, the Oriental Spa Garden, at Hotel Botánico and Liérganes Spa.


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