Ourense, land of spas


We invite you to take pleasure in plunging into miraculous waters that rise in a unique place: Ourense. This Galician land is famous for its spas. There are many spas scattered throughout this province, offering rest in extraordinary environments. The perfect place to spend unforgettable days surrounded by nature. You can't miss it.

Ourense is home to culture, art, history, and of course, water, which is very present in this region of Galicia. In this green and humid environment covered in bracken and fields, liquid is an element of great importance thanks to its rivers, springs, streams, wells and, specially, to its numerous spas.

The thermal centres of Ourense fuse together tradition, modern elements and environmental respect. Some exist since far-off times, like Caldas de Partovía, in O Carballiño, which is the oldest in Galicia -dating from Roman times. Others were established in the 19th century, such as the Gran Balneario de Carballiño -one of the most visited in Spain-, and there are more recent ones, such as Villa Termal de Lobios, which has state-of-the-art facilities.

The choice of spas in Ourense is splendid, although they all feature quality in their mineral-medical waters with curing and preventive benefits, environmental respect, extraordinary infrastructures complying with strict rules and personalized care from high-qualified professionals.

Many of these centres offer accommodation for as long as the treatment lasts, like in Molgas.

In addition to the liquid's medicinal benefits, some spas offer many hydrotherapies as well as other methods, including massages and beauty and anti-stress treatments as you will find in Villa Termal de Laias.

Any season of the year is perfect to come to these havens of peace and to come and enjoy the splendid landscapes of this Galician enclave. Peace and quiet for those who need it, but there is also a wide range of activities, including skiing in the Manzaneda ski resort, trekking, horse or bike riding, or even experiencing strong emotions by canoeing and rafting in summer. You can even sail on a catamaran, in places like Arnoia, which has its own jetty.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Ourense, a province which offers many marvels in the way of monuments, art, festivities and cuisine. Come to this magical place where the water of life rises with more power than ever through springs and spas.

More information: Spas in Galicia Official page about Tourism in Ourense




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