Majorca, art and culture by the sea



Majorca is a guarantee of peace, beaches and nature. You will also be impressed by its spectacular artistic and historical heritage and the animated cultural life to be found on every corner. There are many fascinating alternatives spread over the island of Majorca such as medieval fortresses, prehistoric remains, renaissance palaces and gothic buildings. Whatever the time of year, if you visit the island of Majorca you will always be surprised.

For centuries, musicians, painters and poets have chosen Majorca as a refuge. Nowadays, contemporary art and culture is one of the distinctive characteristics of Majorca. Monuments, museums, festivals, galleries and exhibitions of all kinds proliferate throughout the island. Submerge yourself in this sea of modern art and imaginations and allow yourself to be seduced by the charming places that have inspired such artists as Chopin, Rubén Darío or Joan Miró.

You will be forgiven for thinking that the muses endowed Majorca with a special spirit. You will feel privileged as you stroll through the historic centre of Palma, admiring its impressive gothic cathedral, or visiting the emblematic Bellver castle, but this feeling is not exclusive to the capital, as throughout the island you will find significant buildings and historical monuments. This broad offer is completed by an extensive range of activities which are held all the year round, including literary cycles and art exhibitions, opera concerts, classical and modern music festivals, ballet or theatre. The many museums and art galleries also put on exhibitions throughout the year.

The role of the public and private organisms is very important in promoting these cultural activities. Institutions such as the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation and the March Foundation play a fundamental role: these centres organise and exhibit works of such important artists as Miró, Picasso, Dalí and Juan Gris and they generally organise temporary exhibitions for both national and international artists. There is an unceasing artistic effervescence alive on the island. Proof of this is the Es Baluard Contemporary and Modern Art Museum, exhibiting the most avant-garde of modern art and where it is possible to admire the works of young artists together with the works of such universal figures as Cézanne, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec.

This pleasure in and concern for contemporary art extends to the oldest heritage of the island. This priceless heritage includes megalithic and Phoenician remains, and remains from the Romans and the Greeks, an excellent example of the past cultures which dominated the Mediterranean. Majorca can be visited at any time of the year, it is an unforgettable destination and there are thousands of reasons for you to come.


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