Modern cuisine speaks Spanish

Exquisite, innovative dishes with the guarantee of internationally prestigious chefs. The highest quality products from the best producers. Recipes combining popular tradition with artistic creation to offer you exciting, new flavours. Spain's culinary revolution, headed by master chefs like Ferran Adrià, Arzak and Berasategui turns the pleasure of good food into a luxury for the senses that is at its finest when savoured in Spain.

Spanish cuisine is nowadays recommended in the finest restaurants, heralded by the most prestigious critics and demanded by millions of consumers the world over. It has undergone a real revolution, which, in the space of a few short years, has put Spain at the forefront of international gastronomy. With traditional styles as the basis, a modern, innovative cuisine has developed, identified by the use of quality products and by the creativity of its chefs.

The chef's creation

Head chefs have nowadays become creative professionals - like great designers. This is why modern Spanish dishes now come with their own signature, like creations from the world of fashion. Chefs like Arzak, Ferran Adrià and Berasategui give their own personal seal to dishes such as seafood gazpacho, "Gaudí-style" red mullet, lamb loin with cauliflower couscous, cod in green sauce, or sea bass with scallops and a sauce of flame-grilled leeks. These dishes are imitated by dedicated admirers across the globe.

Spain, the historic cradle of universal artists, also produces some great chefs, the fruit of a traditional culinary heritage that has been passed down through families across the generations, and also of a unique gastronomic culture that, in Spain, converts the necessity of eating into the sheer pleasure of food.

Each chef has the ability to work not simply as a craftsman, but rather as an artist, and this innovative trend is now to be found all over the different regions of Spain. This is why, besides the master chefs already mentioned, names such as Pedro Subijana and Andoni Luis Aduriz in the Basque Country; Santi Santamaría, Carmen Ruscadella and the Roca brothers in Catalonia, and a long list of disciples and upcoming restaurateurs are the protagonists of this novel combination of products and flavours.

The quality challenge

The artists' creativity has, in turn, been backed up by the hard work and high aims of farmers, fishermen, winegrowers, industry, distributors and restaurant-owners, to come together in a common bid for quality and distinction. Spanish vegetables, meats, fish, fruit, oils and wines are nowadays approved by the most demanding palates and make up the fundamental basis of the Mediterranean diet, now considered undisputably as the best recipe for good, healthy eating. To sum up, an exceptional combination of personalities, products and recipes have helped to increase and consolidate the unquestionable success of Spanish cuisine, now recognised as one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world.




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