Galicia and its shellfish, an indulgence from the sea



Easy to cook and a delight for the palate. This is Galicia’s seafood. Tasty, varied and abundant. In Galicia you can try it freshly caught and perfectly prepared. And it’s nutritious and healthy too. Come and enjoy a platter of seafood and shellfish in Galicia; the wonderful gastronomy here is just another reason to visit the region.

Galicia is in northwest Spain and has more than a thousand kilometres of coastline. Its cold waters are home to some of the world’s finest shellfish and seafood. To get your juices flowing, why not start by trying octopus a feira (with potatoes) in any of Galicia’s towns. Once you do, you are sure to want to continue working your way through the long, long list: barnacles, mussels, clams, small crabs, crayfish… Simply prepared cuisine with the most complex of flavours. Our advice? Come and try it for yourself. Here are a few ideas to help you decide where.

A Coruña and Lugo

A Coruña and Lugo are two provinces in the Region of Galicia, and their fishermen bring in what many consider to be the king of shellfish: the barnacle. We would suggest, then, that you try them in the Costa da Morte (A Coruña) area and the north of Lugo province.

The Costa da Morte area is also outstanding for wedge shell clams and the mussels which grow along its coastal cliffs. The former are generally served as a first course in an earthenware dish. The latter are especially nutritious, and are prepared in many different ways: from the most simple (steamed with lemon), to more complex recipes (such as roast or with tomato sauce). The quality of these mussels is acknowledged through the Mexillón de Galicia Designation of Origin.

Before leaving A Coruña, try octopus à la mugardesa in the village of Mugardos. You’ll love these dishes for the contrast between their simple preparation and rich, juicy flavour.

O Grove and the Rias Baixas area

O Grove is a fishing village nicknamed “the shellfish paradise”. It is situated in the province of Pontevedra and every October is the setting for the Festival in Praise of Shellfish.

The wonderful location of O Grove, in the south of the Rías Baixas estuary region, means that there is good seafood to be had all year round. Especially good are the small crabs, spider crab, lobster and crayfish.

The whole area around O Grove is packed with shellfish beds. In Muros and Noia, a little further north from O Grove, the specialities are cockles and clams. If you fancy trying these gastronomic delights in quiet surroundings, away from the city, then head for Ons Island (Pontevedra province) and enjoy an idyllic setting in the Illas Atlánticas National Park. Here you’ll love the bruños which is a kind of spider crab, and the octopus casserole.

The perfect accompaniment, with designation of origin

The experts say that there is no better delicacy that a good selection of seafood and shellfish washed down with local wine. Galicia has a range of wines with the designation of origin that are the perfect accompaniment to shellfish. One of the most popular is colloquially known as albariño, from the Rias Baixas Designation of Origin, a white wine that is quite low in alcohol content. Come to Galicia and savour the excellent seafood and shellfish. You’ll want to come back for more.

More information: Galicia’s regional cuisine



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