Spain: an ocean of excellence

It relaxes, revitalises, beautifies and contains elements which are beneficial to the human organism. We are talking about sea water. Spain has almost 8,000 kilometres of coast, two seas, an ocean and exceptional, sunny weather. If you would like to experience the amazing power of sea water, then Spain is the ideal destination, for sure. Don't get left on the beach - feel all the sensations on offer with sea water treatments.

Doctors in ancient Greece recommended sea water for its beneficial effects on the health. Spain's natural conditions make it an ideal place to enjoy this kind of hydrotherapy all year round. You can make the most of its properties in a very simple, natural way: with a quiet stroll along the beach, a relaxing swim, or receiving a specific treatment - something more and more in demand - at the specialised centres to be found at different places along the coast. Not forgetting, furthermore, the excellent accommodation, leisure and services infrastructure to be found here. Come and discover the well-being that awaits you by the sea.

What is so special about the sea?

Sea water is rich in essential minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and iodine, which the human body can absorb through the skin. Algae and marine mud also have therapeutic effects on the skin and joints. Sea air should be mentioned too. It is loaded with micro-droplets of water in suspension, as well as ozone and negative ions. Breathing sea air stimulates the body's natural defences. It relaxes you and encourages the production of serotonin, the hormone in the brain that makes us feel good, also related to the amount of sunlight we receive.

The result of all this is an improved state of mind and reduced levels of stress. The circulation is activated, toxins are eliminated, the bones are fortified and body tissue is revitalised. The benefits for the skin are amazing: it will feel younger, smoother, purified and balanced.

Treatments by the sea

Centres offering specialised treatments can be found in almost all areas of coastal Spain, meaning you can take the fullest advantage of the sea water. The Region of Murcia is particularly outstanding, with the famous therapeutic properties of its Mar Menor, a huge coastal lagoon with elevated salt content. At these facilities, once any impurities have been eliminated, sea water is applied at temperatures up to 40ºC to encourage the pores to open and the different elements to be absorbed.

Among the treatments on offer at these centres you will find hydromassage baths, fangotherapy, high-pressure water jets in heated swimming pools, as well as techniques using ozone bubbles and ground algae. All these treatments take place under specialist medical supervision.

Enjoy all the benefits of nature through Spain's sea water and excellent climate. Discover a real source of health and beauty.


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