Spain, a family destination

Spain is the ideal place for a holiday with all the family. Come and discover a warm, welcoming country with the best infrastructure for families, where the little ones will be looked after like nowhere else. The notion of family has a deep-rooted importance in the Spanish way of life, and you will feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

Whether in major cities or rural villages, Spain’s social traditions reserve a special place and special attention for children. This excellent treatment also extends to the rest of the family. You will find yourself well attended whether at the water park, museum, hotel or restaurant.

City leisure

Spanish cities are an oasis of leisure and fun for the whole family. They have so much to offer for your holidays. Zoos like the one in Córdoba, aquaria like the one in Barcelona, or theme parks that are an endless source of fun, light and colour, perfect to spend an unforgettable day as a family.

Nowadays, and more than ever before, there are a range of museums on offer that cater to all tastes, with a host of fun exhibitions. Workshops, painting and interactive areas where you can touch, discover and experience, make museums like the Guggenheim Bilao Museum, the Arts and Sciences Museum in Valencia, and the Science Park Museum in Granada, into dynamic, fun places to discover culture in the most appealing way.

Parks also offer a pleasant, attractive environment where children can relax in the open air, play on the slides, ride their bikes and even go rowing, as is the case in the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid.

When the little ones are tired of walking, there are also original ways to discover cities, such as the calesas, typical horse-drawn carriages, which, in Seville let you discover the Giralda andthe Golden Tower, in the most enjoyable way.

Seaside fun

There are almost endless ways to enjoy the Spanish coast. Spanish beaches are some of the best in terms of cleanliness, safety and infrastructure. They are also some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Swimming in warm, calm, clear waters, diving down to bright seabeds, teaming with life, building ditches and sandcastles, or exploring the coastline on a boat are unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

Learning with nature

We have yet to mention the Spanish interior. Inland you will find a huge area, home to lakes, mountain ranges, rivers, valleys and plateaus. Hiking, skiing, sailing on calm, natural reservoirs, fishing, biking and horse riding… These activities are suitable for all ages, can be practised in groups, and are the perfect opportunity for adventurous fun in a safe environment.

Nature Reserves and National Parks such as Doñana, Garajonay and Ordesa and Monte Perdido, have environmental workshops that teach children about the mountains, wetlands, and the flora and fauna of the different ecosystems. Here you can enjoy watching eagles in flight and mountain goats’ fearless jumps. Unforgettable experiences for parents and children alike.

Cities, coast and interior, they all offer an endless source of entertainment, culture and fun for visitors. Spain is an ideal location for a unique holiday. Come and enjoy a country that abounds in ideas and adventures for the whole family.




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