Get carried away by Ibiza and Minorca


Illes Balears

Ibiza: culture, nature and sea

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea you will find two paradise destinations: the islands of Ibiza and Minorca, part of the Balearic archipelago. Here you will find extraordinary natural beauty, about two hours flight from the main European capitals. Stunning beaches and coves, crystal-clear waters, beautiful spots, perfect temperatures and brilliant sunshine that gives these islands a very special quality of light.

There is a paradise island, surrounded by hidden coves and beaches of the highest quality, with sun and pleasant temperatures all year round. A place in the heart of the Mediterranean, with sandy beaches and dunes, nature reserves and exceptional natural locations, as well as a rich artistic heritage, fruit of the mixing of cultures, designated World Heritage Site for a host of different reasons. This is Ibiza, the white isle.

Ibiza's 210 km of coastline await you, with one small, welcoming cove after another, as well as large white sandy beaches and dunes. These coves and beaches have something important in common: crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming, and stunning landscapes whose beauty will captivate you. The island has a multitude of different places you will want to discover. Explore the island's succession of coves and inlets as they appear, sometimes with rugged sea-front cliffs, and let yourself fall under their spell. Watersports are another major attraction on the Ibiza coast. Sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking and water skiing are all available here.

Ibiza is, however, much more than sun, sea and sand. It was a port of call for many different civilisations, and the island is the result of an intricate mosaic of cultures, a crossroads of civilisations and peoples who, over the course of thousands of years, left their mark on this corner of the Balearic Islands. Thanks to its cultural and natural wealth, Ibiza has been declared a World Heritage Site. To see why, take a trip to the Phoenician archaeological site at Sa Caleta or the necropolis at Puig de Molins, also Phoenician, where there are some 3,500 underground tombs from the period. Otherwise, take a stroll in Dalt Vila, the historic centre of Eivissa(Ibiza Town), an open-air museum dotted with convents, palaces, churches and narrow, typical streets.

This cultural sparkle is reflected in the island's artistic calendar, with a wealth of exhibitions, concerts, conferences, theatre productions… Ibiza is a major tourist destination, thanks to the range of leisure, cultural and entertainment attractions on offer, and the options are all but endless. Why not come and see for yourself?

Minorca: peace and calm between coves

Peaceful and beautiful, with a coastline of contrasts, home to some of the finest coves in the whole Mediterranean. This is Minorca, an island that is a designated Biosphere Reserve. A place where you will breathe peace, quiet and nature.

Minorca lives face to face with sea. Its peace and harmony are reflected in its beaches and also in its inland areas. It has almost 300 km of coast and more than 2,700 hours of sun each year, and is the quietest of the Balearic Islands, with a symphony of colours and landscapes. You will find idyllic spots, practically untouched by man, that make Minorca an earthly paradise.

There are many reasons to discover this island, but its coast must surely be the principal one. Minorca has a succession of coves and beaches, varying enormously from north to south. The north is lashed by strong winds and has a harsh, rugged, rocky landscape. The coast here is made up of dark, wild rock, with small, pebbled

beaches. In the south, meanwhile, the landscape is gentler and you will find coves with fine, white sand and pine groves that run right down to the beach. Many are backed by dunes and can only be reached on foot or by boat. There are also more popular tourist beaches, clean and well looked after, with turquoise waters, perfect for watersports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and sea kayaking, among others.

This balance between man and nature is also clear in Minorca's inland areas. Valleys, small hills and gorges make up a beautiful landscape which will captivate you from the moment you set eyes on it. Small villages, prehistoric monuments, country houses, huge meadowlands and a rich historic heritage can be found along the tracks and trails that crisscross the island, perfect for excursions, walks, and biking routes. Minorca is, all in all, a place to get away from it all, surrounded by incomparable natural surroundings.




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