The Canary Islands, an adventure all the year round



Climate, landscape, orography, wind... The Canary Islands have all the ingredients for the practice of adventure sports. Come and see for yourself. With their hot summers and warm winters, the Canary Islands are the ideal destination for enjoying activities in the open air all the year round. Try your hand at impossibly steep cliff walls, spectacular ditches and the mouths of volcanoes. Sport, risk and nature form an unrepeatable symbiosis in the Canaries archipelago.

Are you a lover of strong emotions and challenges? You are bound to be able to find an adventure made to measure in the wide range of activities available on the Canary Islands. The archipelago offers endless alternatives combining sport with the rough inland landscape and the fascinating coastal regions. What is more, because of the temperate climate of the islands, these activities are available all the year round.

Due to their volcanic origin and the effects of erosion, the Canary Islands are an authentic paradise for lovers of climbing and canyoning. The island relief is cut through by a multitude of ditches, craters, chimneys, cliffs, fells, fissures, peaks and numerous rocky forms giving infinite possibilities for discovery and for different levels of difficulty. You will see that any one of the islands is an enormous rock-park, like, for example, Gran Canaria, which is popular because, with the exception of one or two public and restricted places, there are no prohibitions for the practice of outdoor sports.

Unlimited challenges

Fans of pot-holing will also find plenty of places for their sport. In any corner of the archipelago, as is the case in La Palma, you will be able to lower yourself into the bowels of the earth through a warren of interminable caves and volcanic pipes. If you prefer aerial sports you will find your best ally in the soft winds which blow across the islands. If you take off you will discover unimaginable landscapes throughout the Canary Islands, like in Tenerife, where there is a great variety of routes and clubs for practising paragliding or hang gliding. Enthusiasts of the sea will find in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera or El Hierro, or any of the other islands, numerous diving clubs to help them enjoy the immense riches to be found beneath the sea. There is also room in the Canaries archipelago for other alternatives such as orienteering, a sport which is becoming more and more popular.

There are many specialist schools and centres which will be only too willing to help you to prepare and guarantee the success of your own adventure. We recommend you to visit the tourist offices on the islands where you will find out how to make the most of your stay. Experiences of all kinds await you in the Canary Islands. Come and visit the sunny paradise of the Canary Islands, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and discover the different natural challenges awaiting you.

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