Holiday campsites in Spain

In Spain you'll find around 1,100 holiday campsites where you can stay while you enjoy life in the great outdoors. Their high quality and the wide range of services and amenities they offer make these the accommodation of choice for over 6 million people every year. Here we give you a few details of what to expect.

The campsites are classified into categories, and although these depend on each autonomous region they are generally as follows: Grand luxe: these usually have a minimum area for each plot of around 90 m². They also offer first-rate facilities and even services such as gyms, spas and jacuzzis. 1st category: these usually have a minimum area for each plot of around 70 m², and have a café or restaurant, supermarkets, sports facilities such as mini-golf circuits and tennis courts, children's play areas and services like newsagents, Internet and automatic washing machines. 2nd category: these have a minimum area for each plot of around 60 m² and services such as restaurants, convenience stores and washing machines, among others. 3rd category: these are decreasing in number thanks to the continual improvements in their facilities, although they also offer all the basic services such as hot water, electricity, drinking water and surveillance. The category of the establishment must be clearly identifiable and on display at the entrance of the campsite and in the reception area. There are holiday campsites all over the country. They tend to proliferate in the most popular nature areas, such as near the beach or in green spaces, although they can also be found near cities.

Types of accommodation There are a wide variety of accommodation options are available in holiday campsites. In addition to the areas for camping in tents, in many of them you'll also find special areas reserved for caravans and mobile homes. Another option is to stay in comfortable bungalows or cabins which are perfect for families and small groups. Things to remember They are in the open air and offer direct contact with the surroundings. They usually allow pets, and many are adapted for the disabled. Most of them offer children's play areas, areas with trees and gardens, and sports amenities including swimming pools, gyms, mini-golf and tennis courts. You'll find holiday campsites distinguished with the 'Q for Tourist Quality', which guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards. The campsites tend to have noise restrictions during hours of rest. In many cases you can reserve accommodation from your own country over the Internet. The rates and availability of the campsites vary according to the time of year. There are also nudist campsites which in many cases are located close to other nudist areas such as beaches.



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