Pathways of Passion, a route for experiencing Andalusia



Do you know what it means to have "duende"? Have you ever heard the song form of the "saeta"? Does the expression "tener salero" sound familiar? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to come and experience Andalusia. Make the most of this initiative featuring a number of towns that have joined together to offer an option highlighting the passion for Andalusia's traditional popular heritage, and let yourself be captivated.

Andalusia, in southern Spain, is synonymous with joie de vivre and popular culture. It has a unique charm for visitors, and a large part of what makes it special is the passionate way its people express their culture. Discover it with Pathways of Passion, connecting the towns of Alcalá la Real (in Jaén), Baena, Cabra, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba and Puente Genil (in Córdoba) and Carmona, Osuna, Éciaj and Utrera (in Seville). The programme introduces Andalusia through its fiestas and traditions, its food, its Easter Week processions, its heritage, its natural attractions and its arts and crafts. Here in these towns and villages you'll find a whole range of activities to help you experience the popular culture of Andalusia. As well as guided tours of its rich heritage, you can take part in unique traditions such as the Easter celebrations, try your hand at making olive oil in artisan workshops, ride on horseback through olive groves and vineyards, see local crafts close up, visit wineries and taste their wines…The towns in the Pathways of Passion have plenty of ideas for you, with a network of Easter interpretation centres, and a Lent and Easter Cookery and Pastry Route including over 100 establishments where you can try the traditional sweets that accompany these festivals. Visit these towns in Andalusia to experience the Night of Torches and Drums in Alcalá la Real, the saeta competitions in Carmona, the Passion scenes in Cabra, Roman Saturdays in Puente Genil… Pure local tradition.



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