Art in Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Nature Reserve



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It's always pleasant to take a walk in a beautiful natural setting. But if there are works of art to discover on your way, the idea is even more appealing. This is what is offered by the four routes in the Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Nature Reserve, south of Salamanca. Come and discover them.

The first route, about seven kilometres long, is circular and takes two hours, and is known as the "Water Route". It is a path that connects the towns of Mogarraz and Monforte. You're sure to find the landscapes attractive for their combination of vegetation and the murmur of flowing waters. There's also a pleasant surprise awaiting you... On the way you'll find six sculptures forming part of the landscape. All the creations are very subtle and have been made by young artists in search of new plastic languages. You'll be able to stop and admire the valley or gaze at the sunset while you marvel at a large cage, a magic mermaid who is "submerged" in a rock, seven seats of different sizes in the middle of a forest, looking like they're straight out of a story book… The second route we propose is also circular, approximately eight kilometres long and takes three hours, and is known as the "Roots Route". It starts in La Alberca and goes through an oak and chestnut forest. On the way you'll find traces of human presence and the local culture, including several shrines. You'll go past a lake… and you'll be able to admire another six works of art that also seem to want to capture the landscape and combine reality with dreams. From walls that are actually doors to enormous oak leaves, an asteroid inside an old shrine, a large honeycomb and a poetic and original stone shadow of a tree.

The third itinerary is known as the "Route of the Asentadero-Forest of Mirrors". The route is circular and runs between the municipalities of San Martín del Castañar, Sequeros and Las Casas del Conde. In total it is a three-hour walk covering nine kilometres, and offers the chance to see nature from a different point of view: you'll find doors which open onto the countryside, stained-glass windows and needles threaded with moss to clothe the rocks. Likewise, the route known as the "Route of the Prodigies" is about ten kilometres in length and takes about four hours. It goes through the municipalities of Miranda del Castañar and Villanueva del Conde. While you enjoy the surroundings, you'll see artistic manifestations that will stop you in your tracks: sounds that invite you to reflect, a bed in the middle of the countryside, and coloured stones that form part of the scenery, to mention just a few. What's more, this path has a shorter variation which makes a perfect walk for the whole family. It is only two kilometres long and takes in the surroundings of Miranda del Castañar, declared a historic site. All these creations appear like mirages in the landscape and will captivate you with their beauty, and give you food for thought. Then you can always explore the towns that are part of these routes, or the rest of Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Nature Reserve. You can find maps of the routes and more details on them (difficulty of each stretch, images, promotional video, etc...) on the following official websites:


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