Basque farmhouse chicken


País Vasco


Quality product that has traditionally appeared in the Basque farmhouse, forming a basic part of the region's culinary culture.

In 1993 the Lumagorri co-operative began rearing farmhouse chickens again, with the aim of recovering a typical Basque Country product, whose consumption was in decline. These chickens belong to the Atlantic breed and are reared in meadows where they remain all day, avoiding the overcrowding of traditional farm rearing methods. They are fed very carefully, basically on maize and cereals because the use of artificial growth stimulation substances is prohibited. The result is a chicken with a characteristic yellow coloured skin and very firm, juicy meat with a pronounced flavour. The animal is slaughtered when it is at least 77 days old and its weight ranges between 1250 and 2200 grammes. In recognition of its excellent quality, it was granted the Food Quality Label "Farmhouse Chicken" in 1994. On the market it must always be accompanied by the label, the Kalitatea stamp and a numbered control disc.



  • 产品类型:: Meat
  • 时期: It can be eaten all year round.
  • 起源: Its production covers the rural areas of the Basque provinces.
  • 推荐饮料: Basque farmhouse chicken is delicious however it is prepared: griddled, roast, with garlic, in sauce, stuffed, etc. Depending on this, the wines generally most suitable for accompanying it are dry whites aged in wood and crianza or young reds.
  • 菜式: Category A chickens are covered by the 'Farmhouse Chicken' food quality label.


  • Energy: Low
  • Cholesterol: Low
  • 备注: Rich in proteins.

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