Nicanors from Boñar


Castilla y León


In about 1880 Nicanor Rodríguez, a baker from the Leonese area of Boñar, created some delicious sweets made from a fine layer of puff pastry that soon began to become famous in the county.

A century later, Nicanors, as they ended up called by popular derivation, have become one of the most typical sweets in Leonese cuisine. They are made from a dough of flour, salted butter, eggs and white wine, cut with a characteristic mould. After baking, the result is sweet with the shape of an eight-petalled daisy, yellow in colour blended with a fine layer of icing sugar. Its texture is dry and very fine on the palate, where it practically dissolves.



  • 产品类型:: Others
  • 时期: All year round.
  • 起源: Nicanors are traditionally made in the Leonese town of Boñar. Nowadays their manufacture has become industrialised in that very town, as well as in a bakery opened in Madrid by the creators grandchildren.
  • 推荐饮料: Sweet wines
  • 何处购买?: Nicanors from Boñar can be bought at most confectioner's and specialised shops in the town of Boñar, as well as in the province of León and the region of Madrid.
  • 菜谱: Nicanors


  • Energy: High
  • Cholesterol: High
  • 备注: Rich in sugars and fats.


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