Asparagus from Navarre


Comunidad Foral de Navarra


Asparagus from Navarre, protected by the Denomination of Origin, is white and of an extraordinary quality. This makes it one of the bases of the gastronomy of Navarre.

Asparagus from Navarre are fleshy stalks from the 'Asparagus Officinalis, L' asparagus plant, cultivated on the banks of the river Ebro. The asparagus recognised by the denomination is white (which indicates that it has remained underground with absolutely no exposure to the sun), smooth in texture, little or no fibres and a perfect balance of smoothness and bitterness on the palate. This vegetable has a system of roots that emerge from the vine from which the hearts form that will become the asparagus. Cultivation of this plant requires great care to avoid exposure to the sun, which would turn them into green asparagus. The harvest takes place between the months of April and June. Once at the factory, the asparagus are classified by size and packaged. They are consumed either fresh are preserved. This food is low in calories and protein and high in vegetable fibre. It is very diuretic and easily digestible, though not very nutritious. Its culinary applications are diverse: it is excellent in soups, omelettes, grilled, as a garnish, in salads or cooked and accompanied by all types of sauces.



  • 产品类型:: Vegetables
  • 时期: Year-round, but especially for fresh consumption in spring and summer.
  • 起源: The production area of the Asparagus of Navarre comprises 211 towns in the southern half of Navarre and the adjacent regions of Aragon and La Rioja, all in the middle valley of the river Ebro.
  • 推荐饮料: They are delicious with a refreshing Sparkling Wine or Dry White Wine, prepared simply without excessive dressing.
  • 菜谱: Vegetable stew
  • According to colouring: White or purple, depending on the colour of the shoots. Only the white ones are covered by the Denomination of Origin.
  • According to their category: - Extra: of superior quality, well formed and straight, with a firmly closed bud. - First: of good quality, well formed and with the bud closed. - Second: those which cannot be classified in higher categories, but which meet the minimum defined characteristics.
  • According to their size: - Measured lengthways: the length of the asparagus varies between 17 and 22cm - Calibrated by diameter:: it must be between 12 and 16mm.


  • Energy: Low
  • Cholesterol: Low
  • 备注: Rich in iron, vitamin C and fibre.



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