Alba de Tormes caramelised almonds


Castilla y León


There is evidence in the city archives that high quality caramelised almonds were already being made in the Benedictine convent of Santa María de Dueñas, in Alba de Tormes, Salamanca by 1835.

They soon became famous throughout the county in direct competition with those made in other villages in Castilla y León, such as Briviesca, Villafrechós or Medina de Rioseco. Today, these caramelised almonds are still made in the same traditional way. To make caramelised almonds, almonds of the largueta variety, above all from La Rioja, the Ebro basin and the Mediterranean, are normally used because of their quality and homogeneity. The shelled, unpeeled almond is mixed with caramelised sugar until it takes on the characteristic shine with which it is presented on the market.



  • 产品类型:: Fruit
  • 时期: All year round.
  • 起源: Alba de Tormes, in the east of the province of Salamanca on the right-hand bank of the River Tormes, gives its name to one of the most prized varieties of caramelised almond in the whole region of Castella y León.
  • 菜谱: Caramelised almonds


  • Energy: High
  • Cholesterol: 0
  • 备注: Rich in lipids.


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