Olive Oil from Lower Aragon




The Oils protected under the 'Lower Aragon' Denomination of Origin are in the Extra Virgin category, obtained exclusively by pressing the olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from at least 80% Empeltre olives, the main variety, and from Arbequina and Royal olives, in lesser proportions. It is produced in the lower part of Aragon, between the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel, where a total of approximately 15,000 hectares of olive trees are dedicated to the production of this oil, protected under the Denomination of Origin. The olives are gathered carefully, by hand, without beating the fruit, separating those gathered from the tree from those that have fallen to the ground. Only the former are used to produce the oil that is protected under the Denomination. It is an oil with a fruity taste, with hints of almond, slightly spicy and yellow in colour.



  • 产品类型:: Others
  • 时期: Consumed year-round. The olives are harvested in winter.
  • 起源: The Denomination of Origin covers the area occupied by the olive orchards from 77 towns, located between the rivers Aguasvivas and Matarraña, most notably Alcañiz, Andorra, La Codoñera, Calaceite, Torrecilla de Alcañiz, Valdeltormo, Calanda, Belchite, Híjar, Valderrobres, Alcorisa, Caspe, Mequinenza and Maella.
  • 菜式: It depends on the main Variety used to make the oil; normally Empeltre and Arbequina.
  • 备注: Rico en lípidos y vitamina E


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