Harvesting along the Garnacha Wine Route - Campo de Borja © Garnacha Wine Route - Campo de Borja

Wine-producing area of The Ebro Valley

It can be found in the north-western region of Spain, where the river Ebro flows. It includes wine routes through Rioja Alavesa(Basque Country),Rioja Alta(La Rioja)Navarre andSomontano, Garnacha-Campo de Borjaand Cariñena (Aragón).

The wines and designations of origin

What are the wines like?: it is here that the wines from La Rioja are produced, the most recognised outside of Spain. It has three subregions. Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa. The Tempranillo grape, native to the area, is the most commonly harvested here. It is considered the best variety of Spanish red grape thanks to its must that is balanced in sugar content, colour and acidity. It also produces a very aromatic and elegant wine. Although the area is most famous for its red wines, rosé wines are also produced in the The Ebro Valley, especially in Navarre, along with exquisite white wines made with Tempranillo blanco and Maturana blanca grapes, amongst others. Designations of origin: From Aragón: Calatayud / Campo de Borja / Cariñena / Somontano. From La Rioja: Rioja From Navarre: Navarre

Tips and interesting facts

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