GR 10: Puçol - Border with Aragón


Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)
Federació d’Esports de Muntanya i Escalada de la Comunitat Valenciana. Elx-Elche
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The GR 10 begins in Puçol, only 3 km. from the Mediterranean Sea, on its long route to the Atlantic.

Thus, almost from the sea, from the narrowest point of the Valencia coastal plain, the Valencia GR 10 follows the southeast-northeast stretch of the Sistema Ibérico spurs, generally tight to the dividing line of this mountain system and climbing gently to the spurs of the Javalambre Peak, the top of which, at an altitude of 2,020 m., is in Aragon. On its route through Valencia, this path joins different localities on both sides of the line, as well as exceptional cases of Sacañet and Canales that are on the spurs of the summit itself.Its passage through three religious centres of great architectural and historic importance must be noted: the Convent of Sant Esperit, the Carthusian monastery of Porta Coeli and the Sanctuary of La Virgen de la Cueva Santa. In the area from the coastal orange groves surrounding Puçol to the Aragonese heights, the GR 10 covers very different environments and the progressive and important latitudinal and climatic differences.Differences in countryside that obviously belong to a Mediterranean mountain modified by mankind and his traditional use of it.The important impact caused over recent years by serious fires cannot be forgotten, as well as certain work that have substancially changed interesting areas. Despite the proximity of important urban agglomerations, fast and modern roadways and even crossing several secondary roads, the group of mountains crossed by the GR 10 is, however, a scarcely inhabited place with villages that are few and far between.Solitude and long distances are, therefore, some of the most notable characteristics of this sector of the GR.


出发点: Puçol
终点: Límite con Aragón
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 112
路段数量: 8



Puçol - San Esperit - Segart - Serra - Gàtova - Sanctuary of La Cueva Santa - Sacañet - Canales - Andilla (GR 7) - Arcos de las Salinas (Teruel). A diversion has been drawn up to join to Estirella. The route can be programmed in 6 - 8 stages, according to whether you are going up or down.


You can stay overnight in Puçol, Gilet, Sant Esperit, Segart, Estivella, Serra, Olocau, Gàtova. There are also refuges in Sant Esperit, Llentiscle, Tristany and Cova Santa. Supplies are available in Puçol, Gilet, Segart, Estivella, Serra, Olocau, Gàtova, Sacañet, Audilla. Regular bus connections to Puçol, Gilet, Sant Esperit, Segart, Estivella, Serra, Olocau, Gàtova and Andilla. Rail to Puçol, Gilet and Estivella.


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