GR 11: Pyrenees Path


Gipuzkoa  (Basque Country)
Federación Vasca de Montaña. Euskal Mendizale Federazioa. Donostia-San Sebastián
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To the west of Navarra, and from east to west, this stretch of the GR runs along the westernmost part of the Pyrenees.

It begins or ends in a point where the Pyrenees mountain range loses its strength and at what forms the link of the ridge with the Bearnese and Aragonese mountains. From the heights of Roncal, home to the most important European karst inside which are the main cavities of the world, the path comes into full contact with the influence of the Atlantic, passing rocky and snowy regions home to the last heights over two thousand metres to meet gentler mountains covered with forests and pastures.The Orhi peak still stands out, the first mountain over two thousand metres on the western side.Also worth noting are the Woods of Irati, the historic crossroads of Roncesvalles, the forests of the pasture lands of El Kinto Real, as well as the gentle and bucolic valleys of Baztán and El Bidasoa, until making a supreme effort to climb the Peñas de Haya, before dropping down to the rough waters of the Cantabrian Sea. The route can be started from either end and is recommended for mid-May to October.From Zuriza, the route passes Ezcaurri (2,045 m.) to drop down into the Roncal valley of Isaba. It continues through Ochagavía, Selva de Irati, Orbaitza, Roncesvalles, Kinto Real and the Valleys of Baztán and El Bidasoa. This path meets various GRs.From the east it meets the GR 12 (Euskal Herria path) on various stretches. In Orreaga/Roncesvalles it joins the GR 65.


出发点: Cabo de Higer
终点: Zuriza
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 181
路段数量: 10



Cape Higer - Hondarribia - Irún - Cdo. de San Antón - Bera de Bidasoa -Port of Lizarrieta - Cdo. de Nabalsako - Cdo. de Eskisaroi - Plano de Amezti - Elizondo - Bentakoborda - Pitón de Arlutxe - Cdo. de Zaldegi - Cdo. de Bustalmorro - Cdo. de Urkiaga - Casa Pablo/Sorogain - Cdo. de Arbilleta - Burguete - Port of Ibañeta - Cdo. de Lepoeder - Cdo. de Arnostegui - Majada de Azpegi - Factory of Orbaiceta - Cdo. de Orion - Cdo. de Morate - Pte. de La Cuestión - Casas de Irati - Harrizabala - Paso de las Alforjas - Chapel of Muskilda - Ochagavía - Zopotrea - Cabezo de Beranga - Isaba - Valley of Berroeta - Ezkaurre - Port of Argibiela - Zuriza.


Along the path you can stay overnight, eat and purchase supplies in Isaba, Ochagavía, Fábrica de Orbaiceta, Roncesvalles, Burguete, Espinal, Valle de Baztán, Etxalar, Vera, Lesaka, Irún and Fuenterrabía/Hondarribia. Regular connections from Pamplona to different points on the GR. Tourist Offices in Roncal, Ochagavía, Garralda, Roncesvalles, Elizondo and Vera/Bera de Bidasoa.


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