GR 39: Cañada de la Mesta


Cordoba  (Andalusia)
Federación Andaluza de Montañismo. Granada
电话:+34 958 29 13 40




This path leaves the chapel of La Virgen de Veredas, in the municipality of El Guijo (Cordoba), very close to the border with the province of Ciudad Real, towards which it might continue in the future.

Along its first few kilometres, the path follows the Cañada Real Soriana cattle track to meet the GR 40. This important cattle track was used by the cattle coming from Castilla. Even now its original width is respected. Upon reaching the locality of El Guijo, the path separates and follows another old cattle track known as Cañada de la Mesta. El Guijo is a small town in the valley of Los Pedroches, where the parish church of Santa Ana, dating back to the 16th century and with a plateresque style doorway must be seen.The path continues among landscapes where holm oak and scrub abound, with beautiful views of the Sierra de Santa Eufemia, until it reaches the locality of El Viso, where the Mystery of the Magi is enacted every four years during the Christmas festivities.Bull penning is enjoyed during the fair in honour of Santa Ana. After passing through a more barren scrub landscape, the path reaches the locality of Hinojosa del Duque, where a visit to the parish church of San Juan Bautista is a must. Known as the Cathedral of the Sierra, it is a sober gothic-Renaissance church from the 15th-16th century.The locality's cured meats are famous, particularly its Iberian acorn-fed cured ham and sweets such as the macaroons made by the Conception nuns. Leaving the area of the Valley of Los Pedroches, where granite is abound, the path enters the sierra area, reaching the locality of La Granjuela to the north of the River Guadiato, which is crossed to reach the town of Fuente Obejuna, made famous by the book by Lope de Vega. You can visit the 15th century gothic-style parish church of La Virgen del Castillo or the 16th century church of the former covent of San Francisco. In the surrounding area are various small villages that can be visited thanks to a network of signposted short-distance paths. The path continues to the border with the province of Badajoz, towards where it may continue in the future.


出发点: El Guijo (Córdoba)
终点: Fuente Obejuna (Córdoba)
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 112
路段数量: 6



Chapel of Virgen de Veredas - El Guijo - El Viso - Hinojosa del Duque - La Granjuela - Fuenteovejuna.


There are basic services in all of hte localities along the path, particularly in Hinojosa del Duque and Fuente Obejuna. For further information: Cordoba Provincial Tourist Board. Ronda de los Tejares, 1. 14001 Cordoba. Tel. 959 49 16 77.


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