GR 100: The Silver Route


Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)
Federación de Deportes de Montaña, Escalada y Senderismo del Principado de Asturias. Oviedo
电话:+34 985 25 23 62




Asturias, as a plural region, offers this diversity of interlinked attractions over a vast horizon from the coastline to the southern-most border of the Cantabrian mountain range.

The route constitutes a trip to the south that links the coast of Gijon, with the industrial and urban landscape of the plains in the centre of the region and the varied landscape of the Central Asturian Mountain, which houses industrial, mining, country and farming archeaology.In short, this route crosses the municipalities of Gijón, Llanera, Siero, Oviedo, Mieres and Lena. The GR 100.1 variant, La Carisa Roman Way stretching for 42 Km., runs between the basins of El Bernesga in León and El Caudal in Asturias, over the peaks of El Cordal de Carraceo and Sierra Ranero, half-way between the valleys of Aller and Lena, looking down from the heights over stables, valleys and hamlets.Its highest level and, therefore, the ceiling of the route, is located at 1,810 metres, under the northern spurs of the Tres Concejos peak (2,014 m ). From hereon and with almost no ups and downs, you travel along the highest part of the ridge of Carraceo and towards the centre of the region, at an average altitude of 1,500 metres for most of the path.It crosses through such emblematic places as La Cruz de Fuentes, El Acíu, Carraceo, Espines and Carabanzo before reaching Ujo. The La Carisa path was used in medieval times by the pilgrims on their way to Santiago and during recent centuries was the witness to the traffic of locals using it as a traditional route to Castilla to exchange home-grown products and for access to the mountain pastures.At present, mountaineering, hiking and mountain biking are the most frequent activities around it, with the rise of the new leisure culture. All of these are linked to this rich natural heritage and its extensive traditional network of paths.


出发点: Gijón
终点: Puerto de Pajares
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 104
路段数量: 7



Gijón - Serín - Lugones - Oviedo - Mieres - Pola de Lena - Puente de los Fierros - Port of Pajares.


Each stage end has various hotels and services and a complete public and private transport service.In terms of the GR 100.1 variant, there are all kinds of hotels and different rail and road transport services in both Ujo and Busdongo.


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