GR 1: Historic Path


Araba-Álava  (Basque Country)
Federación Vasca de Montaña. Euskal Mendizale Federazioa.Donostia-San Sebastián
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It crosses two districts of the historic region of Alava from east to west: The Mountain and the Valleys of Alava.It begins in Santa Cruz de Campezo, a meeting point with the Navara stretch that enters the Sierra of Codés/Kodes.

The route follows the valleys formed by the rivers Ega and Inglares, an important connecting route in Medieval times, joining Middle Navarra with the Ebro, and for commerce and pilgrimage during Muslim times, as it was strongly defended by towers, castles and the impassable natural wall formed by the beautiful Sierra of Toloño. It continues to the important Salinero Paths, which set out from the town of Salinas de Añana. From here, it joins the route that, through the Valley of Valdegovía, reaches Bóveda to get to the northern areas of Burgos and Cantabria. It runs through villages and towns of great importance in the past and that have left important relics, such as Santa Cruz de Campezo, Antoñana, Bernedo, Peñacerrada, Ocio, Portilla, Berantevilla, Armiñón, Fontecha, Salinas de Añana, Tuesta and Valpuesta, and through countryside of great beauty, such as the gall-oak groves and holm oak groves of the Sierra of Codés/Kodes, the wonderful beech tree groves of the Sierra of Toloño, skirted by numerous old paths that joined La Rioja with Álava and the Cantabrian coasts,the kermes oak groves of Txulato, the Lagunillo and the holm oak groves and pine groves of the mountains of Valdegovía. Next to this last valley is the Natural Park of Valderejo.


出发点: Sta Cruz de Campezo
终点: Bóveda
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 179
路段数量: 15



Santa Cruz de Campezo - Antoñana - San Román de Campezo - Bernedo -Lagrán - Pipaón - Peñacerrada - Berganzo - Berantevilla - Armiñón – Salcedo - Fontecha - Salt mines of Añana - Espejo - Villanueva de Valdegovía - Bóveda.


You can stay overnight in Santa Cruz de Campezo, Espejo and Gurendes (agritourism houses), in Bernedo and Espejo (hostals for grops) and in Salinas de Añana (rural hotel). Supplies available in Santa Cruz de Campezo, Antoñana, Bernedo, Lagrán, Peñacerrada, Berantevilla, Salinas de Añana, Espejo, Villanueva de Valdegovía and Bóveda. C.A.A.S.S.A. buses.Vitoria-Estella (daily), Vitoria-Bernedo (Tuesday and Friday, except holidays), Vitoria-Logroño (daily), Vitoria-Bóveda (daily).


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