Alhambra. Granada

Monuments in Spain

Discover Spain's marvellous monuments in depth: the gardens and palaces of the Alhambra in Granada, Gaudí's stunning Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, the magic columns of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Giralda Tower in Seville, Santiago de Compostela Cathedral...Castles, bridges, temples, palaces and much more. From north to south, Spain has an endless number of amazing monuments reflecting our country's art, culture and history, from antiquity to modern times, in many different styles, like Baroque, Gothic and Mudéjar. What are you waiting for? Come and discover them. Click on the links below to find out more about a fantastic world.

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  • Shrine of San Pelayo. Cervera de Pisuerga.

    Art | Monuments

    …A 2 km. del casco urbano. Perazancas de Ojeda. Cervera de Pisuerga. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: This simple country shrine, a lovely example of …

  • Shrine of Santa Cecilia. Aguilar de Campoo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Camino del Cementerio. 34810. Vallespinoso de Aguilar. Aguilar de Campoo. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: The harmonious beauty of this simple rural …

  • Palencia Cathedral. Palencia.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de la Inmaculada, s/n. 34005. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: The construction of Palencia Cathedral, known as 'the undiscovered beauty', began in the 14th c…

  • Cave of Los Franceses. Pomar de Valdivia.

    Art, Nature | Monuments, Tourism caves

    …Ctra. A-67, Salida 103 a A-627 Aguilar de Campóo-Burgos. 34813. Revilla de Pomar. Pomar de Valdivia. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: The underground mark…

  • Castilla Canal. Frómista.

    Art | Monuments

    …34440. Frómista. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) This is one of the most important works of engineering of its time and it took almost one century to build. It covers a total of 207 km with a…

  • Shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad. Itero de la Vega.

    Art | Monuments

    …Camino de Itero a Puente Fitero. 34468. Itero de la Vega. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: This simple building has a Gothic-type facade. It also conserves variou…

  • Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Otero. Frómista.

    Art | Monuments

    …34440. Frómista. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) The church has a single nave and was reformed in the 17th century. It contains a 13th-century image of the Virgin del Otero, the patron saint of the town. Th…

  • Shrine of Santo Cristo de la Era. Villada.

    Art | Monuments

    …34340. Villada. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail:…

  • Shrine of the Virgin del Río. Villada.

    Art | Monuments

    …Ctra. de Carrión, 42. 34340. Villada. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) E-mail: .…

  • Church of Santa María la Real. Barruelo de Santullán.

    Art | Monuments

    …Travesía Generalísimo, s/n. 34829. Barruelo de Santullán. Palencia. (Castilla y Leon) A little-known treasure of the Romanesque style in Palencia, and a fine example of the model of religio…

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