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  NOV 2010     
Spanish Tourism Office based in Guangzhou arrives Hong Kong
On 14th December 2009, the Tourism Office of the Consulate General of Spain based in Guangzhou commenced its operation. After Beijing this is the second Tourism office of Spain in China, demonstrating Spain considers China as one of the top priority working partners in the international relations, and therefore, would maintain a closer connection for a long term development between the two countries sharing similarities in many aspects.
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  Future Destination  
Santiago de Compostela
The final destination on the Camino de Santiago. The Galician capital is synonymous with the Camino, an ancient pilgrimage route, born in the 9th century, that has linked the city with the rest of Europe ever since. Every year many thousands of pilgrims set out on foot, by bike, or even on horseback, to live this experience that combines adventure and spirituality. The final goal is the Cathedral in Santiago, one of the sacred cities of Christendom. This is, without a doubt, an unusual, unforgettable way to travel through Spain.
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  What's hot?  
The Way of Saint James - Camino de Santiago- pilgrimage route - much more than just a trip through Spain
Cultural interest? Spiritual motives? Adventure? A personal challenge? A different, original way to travel? These are just a few of the reasons why millions of pilgrims have been doing the Camino de Santiago route for years and years. It is a route through Spain that many people find hard to describe and that almost all are keen to repeat.
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  Tappas Conrner  
Pulpo a Feira (Galician Octopus)
Though it originated in Galicia, pulpo a feira, as it is known in Galician, or pulpo a la gallega, as it is called in Spanish, is now popular throughout Spain. It is usually served on wooden plates with cachelos, potatoes that have been boiled or roasted in embers with their skins on. Frozen octopus works particularly well.
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  Did You Know?  
Madrid and the 2018 Ryder Cup
Madrid the Spanish bid for the 2018 Ryder Cup with the patronage of Severiano Ballesteros to host the best Ryder Cup ever.

The Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) with the support of the Region of Madrid and the National Sports Council has officially submitted its bid for the 2018 Ryder Cup.
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