Alcázar fortress in Segovia. Side view.

Spain is home to a vast wealth of military architecture. Visitors can stroll around spectacular fortresses and castles and marvel at many other beautiful structures that are outstanding for their defensive design. These buildings are impressive for their size and their beauty, so we have compiled a small selection of some of the most characteristic monuments in Spain's military heritage.

  1. San Pedro Castle or the citadel. Side view. Jaca, Huesca.

    San Pedro Castle in Jaca

    The citadel of Jaca, or San Pedro Castle, in Huesca is a fortification with a five-sided floor plan built in the late 16th century. It conserves all its characteristic features: pentagonal floor plan, moat, bastions, barracks and tunnels, in addition to an attractive entrance reached by means of a drawbridge. It is the only one of its type in Spain which is conserved intact.

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