Taking a photo on a phone in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Basically, fantastic and fairly unknown places to take the best photograph of your holiday. It doesn’t matter if you are a photography enthusiast and take your camera with you everywhere or if you take photos with your phone and immediately share them on social media. You will definitely love the photographs you take in these places. Why not visit our Instagram account to see the incredible photos of Spain we upload every day. 

  • El Melero Meander from the La Antigua viewpoint

    El Melero Meander, Extremadura © Inusual Foto

    The area is a hikers' paradise. It is located in the Las Hurdes region in Extremadura, and you can access the La Antigua viewpoint on foot or by car to take in this breath-taking panorama.

  • The Red Wall of Calpe, Alicante

    The Red Wall of Calpe, Alicante © Beasty

    The colours, the contrast with the Mediterranean sea, its near-impossible shapes, its maze-like feeling... These tourist apartments are the work of architect Ricardo Bofill and are interesting to photograph from afar or with Penyal d’Ifac in the background.

  • The Tibidabo Ferris wheel or Barcelona from above

    Tibidabo Ferris wheel, Barcelona

    With the city at your feet and with the Tibidabo Amusement Park in the foreground. You can also get two stunning perspectives. In the daytime with the blue Mediterranean Sea in the background, and with the lights standing out at night.

  • A crystal palace in Madrid

    Glass Palace in the Retiro Park, Madrid © Sunyu

    Hidden in Madrid’s Retiro Park, in front of a small lake surrounded by trees and gardens to relax in. The Glass Palace is an iron and glass building with numerous opportunities for taking photos: its transparent walls, reflections in the water, the surrounding trees, and contemporary art exhibitions held inside...

  • Roads with spectacular views, like in Anaga, Tenerife

    Anaga Rural Park, Tenerife © Pedro Giráldez

    There are roads that lead you through incredible views. For example, coming down through Anaga Rural Park, Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. The area is classed as a Biosphere Reserve and its lush vegetation almost reaches the sea. Other roads in Spain to take amazing photos are the dizzying Sa Calobra (Mallorca), the Jerte valley (Cáceres) during March and April when it overflows with cherry blossom, or the road from Tarifa to Algeciras (Cádiz) with views of the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • The Nervión waterfall is nearly 300m high

    Nervión Waterfall, Álava © Eduardo Martínez

    Photos of this natural waterfall are fantastic, but next-level instagrammers will want to create stories with the whole area and the sound of the water. The 270m drop makes it the highest waterfall on the Iberian peninsula. Between the Basque Country and Castilla y León, we recommend visiting it during rainy seasons or when the snow is thawing on the mountains, for an even more spectacular flow of water.

  • The lavender fields of Brihuega in Guadalajara

    Lavender fields in Brihuega ©Festival Lavanda Brihuega

    If you like nature, you’ll like these views. And if you like to take photos, you will love it here, especially in July. Among the vast, fragrant lavender fields Brihuega holds concerts which help fill everything with magic. Here's a challenge: can you capture it on camera?

  • Sailing boats among buildings... the Bay of Santander

    Bay of Santander from Lope de Vega street, Cantabria © Nacho Fraile

    One piece of information is enough to include Santander on the list of places to photograph: the bay belongs to the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World. Would you like to take a photo as a souvenir? The best shot is from the end of Lope de Vega street, and if you go in winter when there’s snow, then the image is even more spectacular.

  • Eulogy to the Horizon in Gijón

    The Eulogy to the Horizon, Gijón © David Álvarez

    The impressive view has the Cantabrian sea in the background and the San Lorenzo and Poniente beaches in the foreground. But this photo could also have a metaphysical dimension. What does this sculpture by Eduardo Chillida mean? What do the seemingly simple 500 tonnes of concrete represent? From here you can hear the waves and maybe they will respond to you... They symbolise the connection between the earth and the sky, and give the impression of a boundless horizon.

  • The Cuevona that leads to Cuevas

    Cuevona, Asturias © Jose Manuel Valle

    La Cuevona is a large cave that leads to Cuevas de Agua, a small village in Asturias which is only accessible through the cave. The route is about 300 metres long and if you know how to use the effects of light, we can assure you that you will get photos worthy of the history of the village at the end of the cave.

  • Los Arribes del Duero and its views of the river

    Arribes del Duero, Zamora © CGRM

    The river Duero flows through an amazing canyon between Salamanca and Zamora provinces. It provides spectacular photos and you can take them from the viewpoints like las Barrancas, the Fermoselle castle, el Fraile, Mieza, the Almendra dam or the Requejo bridge, for example.

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