Every Saturday in Ibiza, visitors have the chance to experience life as it was lived in this Mediterranean city in the 16th century, through these dramatised tours of the historic centre of Dalt Vila.

The recreation revolves around an impossible love story which takes place in the acropolis of Dalt Vila, the highest part of the city, when Ibiza (Eivissa, as it is locally known) was a fortified town under constant siege from the Turks.

The visit is an excellent way to explore Ibiza’s historic quarter –declared a World Heritage Site– in a new and different way, as the narrow whitewashed streets serve as the setting for the re-enactment. There is also a tour guide to explain what life was like in 16th-century Ibiza, the specific features of the military architecture of the wall, and the Renaissance elements to be seen in the streets. Things to remember: The dramatised visits take place on Saturday afternoons all year round, although the time varies according to the season of the year. They last one hour and 15 minutes. The tour begins in Mercat Vell (the old market), in the Plaza de la Constitución square. The tour is free. Guides are available in Spanish, Catalan and English. Advance booking necessary. Call +34 971399232.

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