Principado de Asturias

We invite you to discover three fishing villages in Asturias. Three charming destinations to enjoy and relax next to the sea.

Cudillero and its colourful houses It is situated just 15 minutes from Asturias airport and surrounded by rolling mountains, beaches and an abrupt coast with cliffs over 100 metres high. It is a good destination to discover the fishing village traditions. We recommend you watch the arrival of boats with recently captured fish and the auction in the fish market. Then you can sip at cider in the Plaza de la Marina Square, taste fresh seafood, visit specialised nautical shops and take a walk round the narrow streets in the village, lined with typical multicoloured houses. Lastly, don't forget a route around the different viewpoints in the fishing neighbourhoods, and a visit to Las Luiñas Valley, to admire the religious architecture.

Ribadesella, at the foot of the Picos de Europa Mountains The town is 70 kilometres from Gijón and is known as the "beach of the Picos de Europa Mountains". Its beautiful Santa Marina beach and the terraces dotted along the pier area and the Gran Vía are just a few attractions here. Other attractions are, for example, the panoramic view from the Guía Shrine viewpoint, the Port's historic route, the Spanish-American colonial architecture in the buildings on the promenade and the fishing village atmosphere in the jetty while you watch the seagulls. Not to mention, of course, the delicious food (fresh fish and seafood). Furthermore, in Ribadesella you'll be able to visit the Tito Bustillo Cave, which forms part of the Cave Art of the Cantabrian Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Llanes, medieval and maritime village About 40 kilometres from Ribadesella. It is a medieval village declared historic-artistic site, in which 13th century architecture such as walls, the tower and the Basilica of Santa María de Conceyu stand out. In order to learn more about the maritime tradition in the village, we recommend visiting the Aula de Mar Centre, situated on Paseo de las Marismas, and the so-called "Cubos de la Memoria", a peculiar decoration with different coloured cubes that you'll find in the port. Another interesting spot in Llanes is the Paseo de San Pedro, a large grassy area where you can go for a walk with the Cantabrian Sea as a backdrop. In Llanes and the surrounding area you'll also be able to enjoy beautiful beaches such as Toró, Celoriu, Torimbia and Ballota, for example.


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