• Автономное сообщество: Aragón
  • Провинция / Остров: Zaragoza

Do you like chocolate? What's your favourite? White, dark, with candied fruit, as ice-cream…? You can enjoy it practically any way you can imagine in the fun, and above all delicious, activities on offer in the city of Zaragoza.

We can start with the Chocotour, an original way to discover a destination which is intimately linked with the history of chocolate. Chocolate is supposed to have been first introduced into Spain by the monks of a village near Zaragoza, Nuévalos.

If you take this route you can visit and try the products of several of Zaragoza's traditional chocolatiers, such as Pastelería Fantoba, and attend tastings in amazing settings, like the courtyard of the Pablo Gargallo Museum. You'll see artisan chocolate makers at work, learn to distinguish the different types of chocolate, and then show off all your newly-acquired knowledge to your friends...

All the scheduled visits start at 11 am on Saturday, begin at La Lonja (Plaza del Pilar) and take two hours. To buy tickets, ask about prices or any other questions you may have about this route, just go to any of the city's Tourist Offices.

Another chocolate-related option is the Chocopass, a special pass letting you try different chocolatier specialities in over 20 establishments, as well as a chocolate tasting at the famous Monasterio de Piedra. And if you're also interested in fine dining in general, you'll probably like what Saborea Zaragoza has to offer. This is a route through the Central Market, an organic food market, and the gourmet space at Puerta Cinegia, and you can also try local dishes in traditional restaurants. ¿Te puedes resistir a esta tentación?

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