Aromas and colours to make you feel good; laughter to improve your mood; age-old techniques and oriental massages that will give you balance and well-being... Are you up for trying them? They are all available at Spain's spa resorts and thermal centres. Traditional treatments are being renewed with the latest trends in health and beauty therapies. Why not try them out for yourself?

Spain is a well known destination for thermal spa treatments, thanks to its quality facilities and excellent waters. Now you will also find a renewed "menu" of treatments in traditional spa resorts. They include the latest therapies and innovative techniques, although the aim remains the same: to improve the condition of the body, inside and out. This trend is also giving rise to another type of centre, which is getting more and more popular - the spa and hydrotherapy centre. Would you like to discover new experiences? These programmes open up a world of sensations.

It has been proven that heat, essential oils and music all have a beneficial effect on our state of health, both physical and psychic. Baths with flowers and citrus fruits, aromatherapy, and music and colour therapies complement and reinforce the results of traditional thermal spa treatments. The Puente Viesgo Spa Resort, 28 kilometres from Santander (Cantabria), is one of many locations where you can try for yourself.

Age-old alternative techniques

We are discovering age old techniques from the Far East that look for balance between body and mind. They do this eliminating disturbances in the flow of vital energy, returning the body to a state of physical well-being and harmony. You can opt for sessions of reiki, shiatsu, reflexology or a geo-thermal therapy massage, at places such as theTalasoterapia Zelai Centre, in Zumaia (Guipúzcoa); Blancafort Spa Resort (38 kilometres from Barcelona); or in Tarragona, at the Ra Beach Thalasso-Spa hotel, and Montbrió Thermal Centre.

Would you like to try something more unusual? The Mondariz Spa Resort (58 kilometres from Pontevedra) has a Celtic circuit, based on the therapeutic heritage and know-how of this ancient people. You could also try a session of laughter therapy at the active well-being centre at Paradise Park Resort, in Tenerife, or improve your memory and attention span through the spa-therapy programme and braining treatments offered at the Marina d'Or complex, in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón). If you want to discover the latest in health and beauty, come and stay a few days in Spain. You will go home good as new.

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