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In northern Spain there is a place where you can rest and relax in a village that is famous not only for its thermal waters, but also for its artistic heritage.

For decades, the mineral/medicinal properties of the springs in Puente Viesgo have brought fame to this village in Cantabria, just 28 kilometres from the city of Santander. As far back as the 18th century you could take advantage of these benefits by visiting its spa. Nowadays, the Puente Viesgo Spa Resort is one of northern Spain's best-known thermal centres. In fact, its modern facilities have often been chosen by athletes and sportspeople to get in shape and to improve their physical and mental condition. Its new Water Temple, for example, is a leading thermal-recreational installation.

However, you don't have to be a top-class footballer to enjoy the techniques and treatments on offer. If you just want to look after yourself and spend a bit of time on your wellbeing, then that is enough. Furthermore, in Puente Viesgo you will be able to rest and relax surrounded by stunning landscapes and countryside, in the heart of the Pasiegos Valleys. Not forgetting, of course, the village's rich heritage: the Palaeolithic site at Monte Castillo is one of the most important in Cantabria, a Region that is known for having one of the world's highest concentrations of prehistoric art. The prehistoric rock paintings at this site (El Castillo, Las Monedas, La Pasiega and Las Chimeneas caves) are an artistic display reaching back 120,000 years.

Come to Puente Viesgo and discover a destination where art and health come together, naturally.

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