What better way to finish a meal than with a delicious flavour? In Spain you will see that this always happens, thanks to the variety of delicious desserts on offer. Sweet ones, healthy ones, special desserts for each time of year, those traditional to each region... A wide variety that we present to you here and we invite you to discover on your holiday in Spain. Bon appetit!

Spanish haute cuisine has carved out a place for itself on the world stage reserved for true creators of gastronomic sensations. Many already praise Spain's chefs, and the privileged gastronomy here is recognised at world level for its quality and avant-garde tendencies. Spain's desserts are right up there too. Take note of our suggestions and see for yourself on your trip to Spain.

The best flavour

Those with a sweet tooth will have a great time in any part of Spain, thanks to their characteristic desserts. Some of the most representative desserts are: "Crema catalana" (like crème brûlée), delicious and typical in Catalonia; "ensaimadas", smooth pastries native to the Balearic Islands; ice creams and "horchata" (tiger nut milk), refreshing and especially typical in the Region of Valencia; "tocino de cielo" (a rich crème caramel), originally from Andalusia.

If you travel in the region of Green Spain, we would recommend, for example, the traditional "Tarta de Santiago", an almond cake from the Galicia Region; if you are in Asturias, however, you should try the delicious "filloas" (pancakes) or rice pudding: delicacies that make dessert an ideal way to finish an excellent meal. Other regions, such as Extremadura, are outstanding for their traditional Easter desserts and sweets, such as "pestiños" (honey fritters) or for traditional Christmas sweets, as is the case of Castile–La Mancha with its marzipan. A real temptation.

Healthy and one hundred percent natural

Spain's gastronomy is characterised by being healthy and nutritious. This aspect of the Mediterranean diet is also manifest in many of its desserts. The good weather and long hours of sunshine here produce high quality fruit. This is the case of the Canary Islands banana, oranges from Valencia and strawberries from Huelva, in Andalusia, or Aranjuez, in the Region of Madrid, to name just a few examples.

The dessert menu in Spain is long and varied, so we suggest you check our gastronomy page. There you will find the most typical dishes from each region, the best recipes and a wide variety of restaurants. Try it.

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