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The most Instagrammed places in Spain. 2016 #visitspain

What would we do on holiday without a camera? Holiday photos are always something that we treasure. Selfies, group jumps, standing next to your favourite painting, making your friends hungry by posting pictures of your lunch on social networks… And what about holidaymakers in Spain? Where do they take the most photos? Here's a list of the places that were posted and shared on Instagram more than any others in 2016. Instagrammers, prepare your finest filters: Spain was made for you!

1) Barcelona city centre

Las Ramblas, modernist Gaudí buildings such as the Casa Batlló the Pedrera, the Gothic Quarter, El Born , La Boquería market and it’s colourful stalls… All these were some of the most photographed places in Spain in 2016. It’s no surprise Because it’s hard not to be constantly taking photos the first time you visit Barcelona. With so many photos, we propose a true challenge: the most original photo wins!

2) Sagrada Familia

Gaudí seems to be very, very popular. So the second spot on the list is one of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona, based on this artist’s designs. It's like a dream made into a basilica. It's just as impressive on the inside, and if you feel up the challenge you can go up one of the towers, let yourself be drawn to the light coming through the stained-glass windows, and get a view which will stay with you forever, in your memories as well as on your camera. But even though this building is so striking, its oddest feature is that it is not finished. Construction work will continue until the 2030s, when the main façade will be completed. This video shows a simulation of how the basilica will change until 2026.

3) Barceloneta beach

Oh my, being an Instagrammer is so tiring. But if the camera is focusing on your feet in the sand, your hands making a heart-shaped shadow, or your body dipping into the sea… things change. We continue our photo tour on Barceloneta beach, Barcelona's urban beach which in good weather is the perfect place to explore the city's shores. A recommendation: be sure to try the fish and seafood dishes, or some tapas, and wait to see the sunset.

4) Güell Park

A visit to this park in Barcelona is like a trip into a fantasy world. Did you know it was originally planned as the gardens of a residential area? Today we can all visit this wonderful work by Antoni Gaudí, and of course, take a photo of the Dragon Staircase, the Hypostyle room with its 86 columns, a view with the city in the background… You can't leave without a snap of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Don't forget that you will need to buy a ticket to enter the Monumental Area of the park.  

5) Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

And now to another city. We're going to Spain's capital, and to its other great “football temple”: Real Madrid's home ground. It was opened in 1947, and today you can see some of the world's most important matches there. Here too, if you buy a ticket for the “Bernabéu Tour”, you can take photos in the stadium itself, the trophy room, the home team's changing room, the tunnel, the bench, the president's box, the press room, and so on. You can also try your luck and look for tickets to Spain's biggest match, the “gran clásico” between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Very exciting!

6) Camp Nou

We're back in Barcelona, but now we turn to sport. For football fans it would be unthinkable to leave the city without visiting the stadium of one of the world's greatest teams, FC Barcelona, also known as "Barça". This is the largest-capacity football stadium in Europe, and has been the home ground of FC Barcelona since 1957! If you buy a ticket for the “Camp Nou Experience Tour Museum” you can see the most important parts of the stadium, the museum, the Messi space and the multimedia area. You can decide whether to snap a selfie in a team shirt or copy the poses of your favourite players.

7) Puerta del Sol

If you take a photo here, you'll be in the epicentre of Madrid. This square marks "kilometre zero", the starting point for all Spain's roads (a plaque set into the ground shows the exact spot, which you should certainly take a picture of). But this famous Madrid landmark has other local icons to be immortalised: the statue of the city's emblem, a bear and a strawberry tree; the equestrian statue of Charles III… and the clock. You may wonder, what's so special about this clock? It's the centre of attention every New Year's Eve, when people across Spain watch it strike at12 midnight on live TV, and thousands of people pile into the square to eat a grape for each chime. A unique experience in which you could take part in too. But whatever the season, this square is always bustling and full of life.

8) El Retiro Park

This Madrid park is an oasis of calm in the city centre, where you can take some really lovely photos. One thing people love to do here is take a boat out on the lake. But apart from that, a stroll will bring you to plenty of charming scenes: the Crystal Palace (in the picture here), the Rose Garden, the French Parterre… There are over 15,000 trees in the park to shade you as you walk, and you can find curiosities like the statue of the Fallen Angel, reputed to be the world's only public monument representing Lucifer. Sitting on a bench or lying on the grass in the sunshine in this park is a real pleasure.

9) Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel

Apart from Spain's two biggest cities, a surprise entry on the list is the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, a dream destination for anyone who wants a totally relaxing holiday. Its biodiversity and culture have made it a UNESCO World Heritage site. But as well as its beautiful beaches and landscape, its nightlife is world-famous. It's no exaggeration to say Ibiza has some of the best nightclubs in the world, with famous clubs like Pachá, Amnesia, Ushuaïa and Space. In one of the nicest areas of the island, Platja d'en Bossa, stands the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, offering concerts and sessions by the best DJs. It has a faithful community of repeat visitors and is an obligatory stop for VIPs. Are you ready to see and be seen?

10) Barcelona Airport

Why here? Barcelona airport is home to so many emotions that it takes the tenth place on the list of the most instagrammed places in Spain. Just imagine, you land in the city buzzing with enthusiasm and… you need to let everyone know! You're going to have a great time and see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And before you leave, you’re sure to take another photo… we recommend that you use the hashtag #¡Volveré! The airport has direct connections to almost all of the European capitals and to many other capitals around the world. It’s also only 25 minutes from the city centre.

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