• Автономное сообщество: Madrid Region
  • Провинция / Остров: Madrid

It is now possible to ski in Madrid all year round. This could also be the ideal option for an unforgettable day of guaranteed leisure and enjoyment for the whole family. Madrid's Snow Park, Madrid Snow Zone, is the largest indoor track in Europe, and the only one in the world that actually includes trees and rocks that reproduce an authentic mountain environment.

Madrid Snow Zone, the only indoor ski resort of Spain, has transformed the small town of Arroyomolinos, located only 23 km away from Madrid, into an attractive leisure centre and obligatory destination for ski lovers. Its modern facilities and ample offer of activities and services allow both children and grown-ups to enjoy the snow without having to go out to the mountains, taste a variety of gastronomic offers and carry out the a wide range of purchases.

The visit to Madrid Snow Zone is also an unsurpassed opportunity to get closer to Madrid, to get to know the wide range and interesting cultural offers, walk around its galleries and museums, admire its monuments and enjoy the charm and hospitality of its streets and its people, who have transformed the capital of Spain into one of the main tourist centres in the world.

The ski resort is located in the biggest shopping mall and leisure time centre in Europe, safe from the inclemency of the weather and with a constant temperature of two degrees below zero. There, skiers have three tracks available to them for the practice of their sport: one for experts, 250 meter long, another one that is less sloppy for beginners of skiing, and a third one for sliding down on snowboards and to practice jumps and acrobatics.

The precinct also has a tobogganing attraction, that allows sliding on circular floats on a snow toboggan.

The resort, the only one indoors in Spain, is perfectly equipped with four-seat chair lifts, conveyors for beginners and for ski lift. It also has a material renting service, and a snowboarding and skiing.

Shopping and restaurants

As a Complement to the enjoyment of skiing and without any need to take the car or get out of the precinct, you can eat in restaurants, see the most recent film releases, buy clothes, shoes, toys or food, play skittles or do kart racing. In conclusion, a day in Madrid Snow Zone offers the most diverse alternatives to enjoy the whole day.

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