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Andalusia has numerous attractions which will entice you to stay: wonderful beaches, an outstanding artistic heritage, a festive atmosphere and of course, a delicious gastronomy. And to sample these delights, what could be better than to enjoy a few tapas accompanied by fino sherry? There is a whole way of life which revolves around this wine. Come and discover it, and you’ll find another way of enjoying the culture of Spain.

It is served cold, but is dry on the palate, as well as intense, smooth and light, and has a delicate bouquet with almond notes. When you taste Andalusia’s fino sherry you are taking part in an experience which will open up a full range of sensations. Its unmistakeable flavour and personality have made it one of the most highly-regarded and distinctive wines in the world; so much so that in the rest of the planet it is identified by the name of one of its designations of origin: this is the famous Jerez, also known as Xérès or sherry. Come to southern Spain and discover the world surrounding this delicious wine, which is so deeply rooted in the social and festive life of Andalusia, and is not just a drink, but a door which opens onto a whole culture.

A unique experience.

You can enjoy fino in Andalusian bars and taverns, which with their special charm and friendly locals will guarantee you some unforgettable moments. High spirits and convivial conversation flow amid glasses of sherry and tapas made from the best local products, including cured ham, fried fish, sausage, shellfish and cheese. While you savour their unique flavours, you will learn how the wines of Andalusia acquire their extraordinary quality and characteristics thanks to area’s geographic situation, its exceptional climate and a completely natural and organic production process. You will also be offered a special variety to sample: manzanilla, whose taste is slightly reminiscent of camomile tea, with which it shares its name in Spanish.

And if you wish to find out more about the world of fino discover how it is made, or learn the secrets of tasting and storing it, you can even visit the wineries where it is produced. As well as tasting the excellent wines, you’ll also have the chance to admire their distinctive architecture: with imposing arches and columns, many of these buildings are old historic buildings and are exquisitely decorated. The vineyards producing crianza or aged wines with the Jerez Designation of Origin are located in Cadiz, in the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. It is advisable to book the visit in advance at any of the tourist offices where you’ll be given all the necessary information.

Another good way of enjoying the “culture of fino is by exploring the Wine Route of the Montilla-Moriles Designation of Origin, in the area of Cordoba. This variety is just another of the typical wines to be found in this area. Montilla, Cordoba, Lucena, Moriles, Aguilar de la Frontera, Fernán Nuñez, Montemayor, La Rambla and Puente Genil are some of the towns and villages dotted along the route. All are the perfect destinations if you wish to enjoy tasting courses, visit wine presses or vineyards and the interior of the wineries.

And to enjoy at home…

If you would like to take some fino home with you as a souvenir of your visit, you should bear in mind a series of tips: unlike other wines, the bottles should be stored upright. What’s more, as the wine is so delicate, it should be drunk in the months shortly after bottling, and once opened, it should be stored tightly closed in the fridge for no longer than a week, as after that time it loses its properties.

Make no mistake, there are infinite ways to enjoy everything that Spain has to offer, and one of the best is by sampling its most outstanding products. See for yourself!

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