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Hidden beneath the waters of Melilla you will find an extraordinarily valuable natural treasure. This part of the Mediterranean has clear waters and its seabed is teaming with life. Diving here takes you into a magical world of colours, shapes and mysterious beings. There are many different reasons to come to the Melilla coast and discover its underwater paradise.

Scuba diving in Melilla is both adventure and spectacle. This piece of Spain, located on the African coast has wild, untouched seabeds, thanks to the low level of human exploitation in the area over the ages. Excellent diving visibility along with warm water temperatures year-round, calm, transparent waters, a huge variety of animal and plant species, good infrastructure in the town and the wild beauty of the surrounding area… All these are invitations to come diving and admire underwater landscapes which are real gems of nature.

Catering to all levels

Melilla has ideal conditions and infrastructure to try this thrilling sport for the first time, thanks to its diving clubs and associations, offering all types of services to expert divers and beginners alike. There is a wide range on offer: courses for divers of all levels, as well as for disabled persons; equipment hire; diving guides and boat transfers; varied special dive tours (night-dives, deep-water dives and cave-dives). There are also special group rates for dives and courses alike. To sign up for classes you must be 16 years of age or over and pass a medical examination.

Unique spots

There are many spots for scuba diving in Melilla. The Chafarinas Islands, Alborán Island or the Mar Chica, a lagoon belonging to Morocco, are all privileged dive sites. The best area, however, is doubtless around Tres Forcas Cape, close to the town. Los Farallones, Cala Blanca, La Mina and Punta Bermeja are all magical, untouched sites with seabeds rich in shapes and colours, home to a great variety of species.

A host of underwater life

Come and live a fascinating adventure… Contemplate starfish at close quarters; delight in the explosion of colours offered by coral and sea anemones; discover marine caves inhabited by prehistoric-looking invertebrates. Come and enter a mysterious world of shadows and silence, home to caves and stones clothed in algae and plants. There are underwater passages, arches, tunnels and caverns where you can see moray eels and groupers, while pollacks, rays, barracuda and a multitude of other fish slip comfortably through the water. In this area you can also take a close look at the shells of sunken galleons and broken battleships in their eternal resting place beneath the warm waters of this Mediterranean enclave.

To do apnea diving (without tanks - holding your breath) or to snorkel, you need no more than goggles and snorkel tube to observe the marvels to be found just a few metres below the surface.

More information: Autonomous City of Melilla Tourist Office Autonomous City of Melilla

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