• Автономное сообщество: Andalusia
  • Провинция / Остров: Seville

Exploring María Luisa Park by horse and carriage is an altogether different experience. Bringing together nature, peace and distinction, you will recover the charms of a romantic era, enjoying this delightful garden in the heart of historic Seville.

The first step to begin your romantic ride through Seville is to hire one of the varied carriages that you will find lined up beneath the Giralda – the spectacular Moorish tower alongside the Cathedral and opposite the “Reales Alcázares” (Royal Palace/Fortress). For an affordable price you can hire one of these typical carriages for an hour or more. They have become one of the most popular attractions for visitors to any city in Andalusia.

Once settled comfortably into your carriage you can begin to explore the city’s most central streets. The rhythmic trot of horse’s hooves and the driver’s friendly, interesting explanations will accompany you as you take in the most important monuments en route. The Maestranza Bullring and “Torre del Oro” (Golden Tower) are a must.

You enter the park through Jerez Gate, next to the aristocratic Hotel Alfonso XIII. Time seems to have stood still here. The unique scent of orange trees is the first thing you will notice, while magnolias, palm trees, roses and immaculate hedges create an unmistakable atmosphere. The garden once belonged to the Royal Family and is nowadays one of Spain’s most popular and most visited spots.

The Majestic Plaza de España (square) will be your first stop once inside the park. It was the natural backdrop for many scenes from the film Lawrence of Arabia and elaborate monuments contrast with a peaceful, simple atmosphere - summed up by the image of horses making the most of the rest to quench their thirst.

As you ride through shady avenues accompanied by the whisper of fountains, you will visit two more classic spots: the Plaza de América (square), where people traditionally stop to feed the hundreds of doves that have made their home there, and another square dedicated to Seville poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – symbol of Spanish literary romanticism.

Make the most of your journey back to the centre and have a drink or something to eat on one of the many bar-terraces, soaking up the lively atmosphere on the streets of modern Seville, with the pleasant feeling of having experienced the charms of the past.

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