The Sicilia and Serón Spas, the ideal combination of thermal waters and spectacular landscapes


  • Автономное сообщество: Aragón
  • Провинция / Остров: Zaragoza

How would you like to enjoy a thermal bath in a swimming pool carved out of the rock? If you’re looking for somewhere where you can not only enjoy relaxing thermal treatments, but where you’ll also feel completely at one with nature, then your search has ended. And that’s because these spas in the village of Jaraba (in Aragon, very near the fantastic natural landscapes of the Monasterio de Piedra nature reserve) offer a combination of spectacular views, hot springs and wellness treatments. You’ll also find the place very easy to reach, as it lies just a few kilometres from Calatayud (which is a stop on the high-speed train line) and about one hour outside the city of Zaragoza.

Facilities designed to refresh all five senses The outstanding and innovative amenities include particularly the Sicilia Spa’s 250 square metre swimming pool with thermal waters, carved directly out of natural rock and open to the sky. And don’t miss the salt chamber, offering a treatment which is unique in Spain involving breathing dry saline aerosol spray.

Another feature well worth trying is the thermal garden, a circuit of over 400 m where you’ll pass through phlebotonic channels (two hydro-massage channels at different temperatures linked by a smooth stone path), a relaxation and flotation pool, a thermal bath scented with thyme and rosemary, and a Japanese bath at a temperature of 40° with views over a lavender garden. Can you imagine it?

The health-giving properties of the mineral and medicinal waters of these spas (calming, anti-irritant, and perfect for muscle and joint pain and circulatory and respiratory ailments) have been well known since antiquity. The waters in Jaraba come from seven natural springs which bubble up through the earth at a temperature of 34°. The wide range of facial and body treatments (bubble bath, underwater massage, aroma shower, Vichy massage…) and thermal cosmetic treatments on offer will make you feel in glowing health.

A location brimming with possibilities If your idea of pleasure is to combine relaxation with more active recreations, you’ll also find what you’re looking for at these spa centres. Right nearby you can visit the gorges of the Mesa river, enjoy the spectacular sight of Gallocanta lake (one of the most important wetlands in Spain, where at times as many as 100,000 birds can congregate) and catch sight of a colony of griffon vultures. If you’re a sports lover, why not enjoy a round of golf only 30 minutes away? And for culture enthusiasts what about a visit to the nearby monastery of Santa María Huerta? This getaway destination offers everything under the sun, and guarantees that you’ll return home completely reinvigorated.

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