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Cabuérniga, Cantabria  (Cantabria)
Centro de Interpretación Parque Natural Saja-Besaya, Saja, Los Tojos
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  • Автономное сообщество: Cantabria
  • Провинция / Остров: Cantabria
Parque Natural de Saja-Besaya


The essence of the Cantabrian Mountains

In this Reserve we can find the majority of the characteristics that define the traditional landscape of the inland Cantabrian mountains.

There we come across large areas of forest and indigenous trees of great ecological worth, alternated with areas of hillside covered in scrub and meadows.The original ecosystem has been changed by the actions of man, the area is populated, thereby creating meadowland used for grazing from the original forest.Nonetheless, the site is still in very good condition and is a fine example of the symbiosis between man and the environment throughout the Cantabrian area.There are excellent oak grove, beech tree grove and Brañas (Asturian town) adorned with holly tree groves. The oak groves of Bárcena Mayor, beech groves of Villasuso de Cieza and the hazel groves of Coo are particularly interesting.The exceptional fauna includes the griffon vulture and the capercaillie, together with the Egyptian vulture, roe deer, wild boar, peregrine falcon and golden eagle. We can encounter otters in Saja.The presence of wolves and, in some cases, brown bears has also been noted.

Муниципальные образования

Cantabria (Cantabria)

Cabezón de la Sal

  • Категория охраняемой природной территории Nature reserve
  • Площадь 24500 га


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Информация о культуре

In the towns near the Reserve we can see numerous elements of monumental and artistic interest.

Информация о природе

Located inside Saja National Hunting Reserve, it contains large populations of indigenous trees, and sides dotted with scrub and meadowland. It extends between the middle and high basins of the rivers Saja and Besaya.

Информация о посещении

The best access is via the roads C-625 and N-611.


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