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Valladolid  (Castilla y Leon)
Castile-León Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking Federation. Valladolid
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To the north of Valladolid, between the waste land of Torozos and the Valleys of the rivers Cea and Valderaduey, a large region spreads out - covering a surface area of 1,776 km.2, 21% of the total area of the province - that is the most balanced of all regions in Valladolid.

The path runs through the so-called Tierra de Campos, as it has been known since the Middle Ages and as it is named in the General Chronicle of Spain of Alfonso X el Sabio. It is a large flat stretch of farmland modelled in the clay of the mid Miocene.It offers a flat, gentle and rolling landscape, only broken by the terraces of the Cea in the north and by the remains of the Ponticus waste land in the areas near to Medina de Rioseco and Tordehumos. Strong, reddish-brown, good-natured soils that are very suitable for growing cereals and difficult to work during years of drought or excessive rain.The plains are barely affected by the large valleys of the river Sequillo, the river Cea and the Canals of Campos and Macías Picavea. A deforested region in which the forest crops of the holm oak mountains are in the southermost sector of the province or on the marly side of the mountains of Torozos, replanted with pinus halepensis. From ancient times, this region has farmed cereals, as opposed to the neighbouring waste land that bred stock.A land occuped by the Vacceos and later by Roman towns, it has always been known as an excellent corn-producing area.Occupied later on by the Campi Gotorun Visigoths, it was repopulated after the 9th century with small communities and towns of a defensive nature.

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Начальная точка: Valladolid
Конечная точка: Mayorga
Уровень сложности: Difficult
Протяженность (км): 130
Количество этапов: 6



Valladolid - Fuensaldaña - Mucientes - Villalba de los Alcores - Montealegre -Palacios de Campos - Medina de Rioseco - Berrueces - Palazuelos de Vedija - Villamuriel de Campos - Aguilar de Campos - Ceinos de Campos - Villacid de Campos - Villalón de Campos - Bustillo de Chaves - Gordaliza de la Loma - Castroponce - Mayorga.


Along the route, food and supplies are available in all of the localities. Regular bus service to all towns from Valladolid.


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