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Guadalajara  (Castilla-La Mancha)
Federación de Deportes de Montaña de Castilla - La Mancha. Cuenca
Тел.:+34 969 23 08 77




This stretch of the GR 10 that connects Teruel with Madrid crosses Guadalajara from east to northeast.

The path runs from the Montes Universales, where the River Tajo begins to meander among the piny hieghts, to the Sierra of Ayllón, where the Ocejón Peak, set slightly apart from its brothers Santuy, Lobo and Cerrón, exhibists its svelt and solitary sillouhette, looking down over all of the paths and tracks that connect the villages of the so-called Black Architecture. The landscape is surprising and very varied along the 270 km. in the province of Guadalajara. The first stretch covers the Alto Tajo (part of this stretch is looking to be declared a Natural Park), with its large canyons of red sandstone sleeping in the reflections of the peaceful and green waters of the river.From Peralejos de las Truchas to Valtablado del Río, you walk alongside the River Tajo. The second stretch shows the lands of La Alcarria, where rosemary, rock rose, lavender and endless varieties of thyme justify the quality of the honey from La Alcarria in Guadalajara. Rolling scrubland and rivers with fresh banks led you from Valtablado del Río to Jadraque in 80 km. The third part of this stretch runs along the spurs of the Ocejón Peak, through the villages with so-called Black architecture, due to their construction in stone and slat , villages lost among thickets, pine groves and oak groves.Places written about by Juan Ruiz, the Archpriest of Hita, and well sung in Serranillas by the Marquis of Santillana. There are 87 km. between Jadraque and El Pontón de la Oliva (Madrid). The GR 10 and the recently created GR 66, Path of Castilla La Mancha to join Aragon with Andalusia and the Region of Murcia join in El Puente de San Pedro to travel together to El Puente del Martinete in Peralejos de las Truchas, a point at which they separate and the GR 66 continues to Cuenca.

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Начальная точка: Orea
Конечная точка: Pico Ocejón
Уровень сложности: Difficult
Протяженность (км): 270
Количество этапов: 12



Orea - Peralejos de las Truchas - Lagoon of Taravilla - Ventorro del Chato -Fte. de la Parra - Fte. de la Teja - Fte. de la Toba - Fuente del Contornillo - Pte. de San Pedro - Villar de Cobeta - Monasterio de Buenafuente del Sistal -Pte. de Tagüenza - Fte. del Mostajo - Fte. de la Osa - Valtablado del Río - Oter - Carrascosa del Tajo - Huetos - Ruguilla - Fte. del Chorrillo - Cifuentes - Moranchel - El Sotillo - Antigua Galiana - km. 106 Madrid Barcelona dual carriageway - Miralbueno - Castejón de Henares - Matillas - Bujalaro - Fte. de la Paloma - Jadraque - Cogolludo - Tamajón - Retiendas - Pontón de la Oliva (Madrid).


Endless possibilities for eating and supplies, mainly in Orea, Checa, Peralejos de las Truchas, Peñalen, Poveda, Zahorejas, Cifuentes, Jadraque, Cogolludo and Tamajón. Camping in Orea, Peralejos de las Truchas and Puente de San Pedro. Hostals and rural houses in the villages indicated.Regular bus service to the villages described and Molina de Aragón. Railway station in Jadraque (Madrid-Barcelona line).


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