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Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)
Federación de Deportes de Montaña, Escalada y Senderismo del Principado de Asturias. Oviedo
Тел.:+34 985 25 23 62




The Pilgrimage Route is of great interest, it being the route taken by pilgrims to the Sanctuary of Covadonga (Patron Saint of Asturias) and the place where the Reconquista was started by King Pelayo against the moors.

Nowadays, pilgrimages use the roads that lead to the Sanctuary.The path avoids these roads and seeks the old middle mountain paths that reach Covadonga in a more attractive and rational manner, passing through the typical hamlets of inland Asturias where different raised granaries are conserved, which are very characteristic of rural Asturian architecture.The path passes through the towns of Oviedo, Siero, Nava, Piloña, Parres and Cangas de Onís. It has two variants: the GR 105.1, which leaves Mieres and joins the GR 105 after 12 km. and the GR 105.2, 43 km in length that can be covered in three stages.This last variant, which is known as Camin del Oriente, leaves the coast in the town of Llanes (tourist port of western Asturias) and ends up in El Real Sitio de Covadonga.

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Начальная точка: Oviedo
Конечная точка: Covadonga
Уровень сложности: Difficult
Протяженность (км): 105
Количество этапов: 7



Chapel of Covadonga (Oviedo) - Ctra. de la Gargantada - Cordal de la Nava - Alto del Espinadal - Les Praeres - Puente Miera - Ruinas del Sellón -Espinaredo - Pendedor - El Corralín - La Matosa - La Vega - Sierra of Bodes -Llames de Parres - Camino de la Reina - Cangas de Onís - Següenco -Covadonga.

Variante GR 105.1:

Mieres (La Rebollá) - Campa El Trave - Escobín - El Payuste - Tudela Veguín - Grandota (joins the GR 105), GR 105.2: Llanes -Poó - Porrúa - Rioseco - Vibaño - Puente Nuevo - Riocaliente - Telledo –Camino Romano de Piedrafita - Cdo. de la Vega del Puerto - Cuerres - Llenín.


There is currently accommodation in Basoredo (Alto del Espinadal), Espinaredo, Llames de Parres, Cangas de Onís and Covadonga, and regular bus and train conenctions.There are bars where you can buy food in all of the hamlets along the path.


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