In the Cabrera Archipelago National Park in the Balearic Islands you’ll be able to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea any way you want.

Scuba divers will find one of the best conserved sea beds on the Spanish coastline, with a dense meadow of Posidonia oceánica which favours the proliferation of a large number of species of marine fauna. These include grouper, octopus and eye-catching sea slugs. You may also come across a loggerhead turtle or some dolphins. From the surface you’ll have the chance to go sailing and enjoy boat trips to bathing areas only accessible from the sea. Some of these excursions will take you to lovely caves bathed by the sea which are perfect for swimming. And while you’re sailing you’ll have the chance not only to indulge in some sunbathing, rest and relaxation, but you’re bound to catch sight of various unusual seabirds flying overhead. The Cabrera Archipelago National Park also offers a range of activities on the shore. For example there are three public beaches on its bay: Sa Platgeta, Platga d’es Pagès and S’Empalmador. What’s more there are several different hiking routes. Perhaps the most eye-catching is the path up to Cabrera castle, and the route which leads to the lighthouse, ending at the Cova Blanca beach (which it is recommended to enter rowing or swimming). Things to remember: You’ll be visiting a protected area of great environmental value, and it is therefore essential to respect the surroundings to the maximum, and to stay clear of any possible restricted areas. If you wish to go up to the castle you must ask for permission at the Park Offices (beside the canteen on the dock). There are guided visits available every day. There are numerous companies in the area who will help you to arrange these activities. You can find out more in the Park Offices and in the Balearic Islands’ tourist offices. If you prefer to enjoy these activities on your own, remember that it is essential to request permission beforehand for sailing, mooring boats and scuba-diving. You can find out more at http://www.magrama.gob.es/es/red-parques-nacionales/nuestros-parques/cabrera/

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