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Madrid is the main communications hub for the Iberian Peninsula. All the main routes to the rest of Spain and Europe lead out of the city. The region has a modern transport network with airports, trains and roads, which are constantly being renovated and extended.  Madrid has a good road network –mainly motorways– which takes you quickly around the region. This –mostly free– network has six major routes that link Madrid with other Spanish cities. Within the Region of Madrid there are four ring roads around the capital with access from all the motorway routes. These ring roads provide easy access to the population centres in the metropolitan area of Madrid.  Madrid is also the centre of the Spanish railway network, with international, inter-city, high speed and regional services. The Renfe national railway company runs all these rail services, as well as the local lines.  The airport is just 13 kilometres outside the city centre. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is Spain's busiest airport, and one of Europe's top five. It is also the main European hub for flights to Latin America.


A-1 Motorway Irún (Basque Country). A-2 Motorway Barcelona. A-3 Motorway Valencia.  A-4 Motorway Seville. A-5 Motorway Badajoz (Extremadura). A-6 Motorway A Coruña (Galicia). More information: Travelling in Spain by car

Points of interest

На самолете

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport Connections: Direct flights with many European cities and major capitals around the world. Madrid – Barcelona air shuttle. Daily connections with major Spanish cities  Location/Services: Located 12 kilometres from the city. Taxi, bus and underground services and C-1 suburban train line. 24-hour fast bus service.  Admission: Taxi: fixed rate from the airport to the city centre (inside the M-30 ring road): €30 Taxi supplement for other routes: €5.50. Free luggage transport. Metro surcharge: €3. Express Bus Line: €5. C-1 suburban train line: €2.6 (Free for passengers disembarking from or connecting to an AVE high-speed train link) Return trip: €5.2 More information: Flying to Spain. Spain's main air connections.

На автобусе

Estación Sur bus station  Connections: Regular scheduled connections with domestic and international destinations.  Services: Regular metro, bus and taxi services.  Avenida de América station  Connections: Connections with many domestic destinations  Services: Regular metro, bus and taxi services.

На поезде

Renfe Spain Pass This pass offers the chance to travel around Spain for all non-residents. This system is very practical, as it can be used on all AVE long-distance and mid-distance high-speed trains. The Renfe Spain Pass is valid for one month from the first trip and comes in two formats (Business/Club and Tourist). It can be purchased up to six months in advance, and is available for 4, 6, 8 or 10 journeys. More information: Renfe Spain Pass What's more, remember your long-distance tickets also entitle you to use –at no extra charge– the local Cercanías trains that take you to the city centre and to Madrid Airport. Atocha railway station  Connections: High-speed AVE to Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Valladolid and Segovia, among others. International connections to Paris and Lisbon. Long-distance services to all regional Spanish capitals.  Services: Regular metro, bus and taxi services. Chamartín railway station  Connections: International connections to Paris and Lisbon. Long-distance services to all regional Spanish capitals.  Services: Regular metro, bus and taxi services. More information: Travelling to Spain by train. Getting around Spain by train

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