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Avenida Libertad, 46
24402  Ponferrada, León  (Castilla y Leon)
Тел.:+34 987400800


  • Автономное сообщество: Castilla y Leon
  • Провинция / Остров: León

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Тел.: +34 987400800


The Factory of Light. The Energy Museum is an educational and cultural leisure space occupying what was formerly the Ponferrada power station, which was operational from 1920 to 1971. The institution has been given the EU's Europa Nostra award because of the industrial heritage recovery project it has carried out.

The museum takes visitors back in time to look at how electricity was generated at the turn of last century, what society was like back then, and how the use of coal was the driving force for change in the region’s districts and among its population. The centre also offers guided tours and has a cultural and teaching programme, as well as an interesting educational programme aimed at making science entertaining and appealing to all audiences. The facility, which is housed in the former Minero Siderúrgica de Ponferrada (MSP) power station, is regarded as one of the 100 most treasured examples of industrial heritage in Spain by the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage. It was awarded the Europa Nostra prize by the European Union in 2012 due to its painstaking restoration. In 2015, the prize went to the Factory of Light. Energy Museum was nominated for best European museum as part of the EMYA (European Museum of the Year Award) prizes.

  • Название: National museum
  • Профиль: Science and technology

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Режим работы

  • С 03 сен по 30 июн
  • С Пятница по Воскресенье

    С 10:30 по 17:30
  • С Вторник по Четверг

    С 10:30 по 14:30
  • Даты закрытия: Monday
  • С 01 июл по 02 сен
  • С Четверг по Воскресенье

    С 10:30 по 17:30
  • С Вторник по Среда

    С 10:30 по 14:30
  • Даты закрытия: Monday

Closed: 1 to 8 January, 6 to 9 September, and 25 December.


  • Общий тариф: 3€
  • Льготный тариф: 1,5€
  • Дети: Вход бесплатный

Guided tours: €5 (Reduced: €3)


Кафе, Экскурсии, Камера хранения и гардероб   Weekends and public holidays: guided tours without booking at 1.15pm and at 4.15pm.

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