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03789  Vall de Ebo, Alicante - Alacant  (Region of Valencia)
Тел.:+34 966400525
Тел.:+34 965571413




One of the most important underground spaces in eastern Spain

A hunter found it by chance.

The cave was discovered by José Vicente Mengual, known as Tío Rull, in 1919 when he was out hunting. It was fitted out for visitors in the mid-1960s. Its installations were refurbished in 1995 and a safer, more entertaining and educational route was created. There are important groups of mineral formations of very different origins and shapes. The stalactites, stalagmites, columns and banderols stand out, as well as its large rooms. The tour is 220 metres long and has a difference in level of 19 metres. It is circular and enables visitors to observe the beautiful underground landscape from different angles. The guided tour lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for everyone.

  • Год постройки: Caves and tourist mines

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Режим работы

  • С 01 апр по 30 сен
  • С 10:30 по 20:30
  • С 01 ноя по 28 фев
  • С 11:00 по 17:00
  • Период закрытия С 15 янв по 14 фев
  • С 01 мар по 31 мар
  • С 11:00 по 18:30
  • С 01 окт по 31 окт
  • С 11:00 по 18:30

Closed: 25 December and 1 January


  • Общий тариф: 4€
  • Дети: 2,70€
  • Пенсионеры: 2,70€
  • Группы: 3,30€


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