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This bull-running is presumed to be the oldest in Spain, and takes place as part of the festivities in honour of the local saint in the town of Cuéllar, 60 kilometres from Segovia..

The daily bull-running is the most eagerly awaited moment of the festivities. The event begins on the last Sunday in August and last five days, although the festivities actually start on Saturday afternoon, with the official announcement in the Plaza Mayor. At 8 in the morning the bulls leave their pens on the banks of the Cega River, 3 kilometres from Cuéllar. A group of riders drive them cross-country through pine forests until they reach the bullring inside the town. Along the way, the riders make a halt at the point known as the “descansadero” (resting place) to fortify themselves with cakes and aniseed liqueur. Then they continue on their way, and at about 9:30 they enter the town, where the young men are waiting impatiently to run through the streets before the bulls. Meanwhile in Cuéllar, the people entertain themselves while they wait with music, cakes and sweets, and traditional dances. In addition to the bull-running, there are other festive events such as concerts, children’s parades, popular dancing, etc.

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